Why Krill Oil is the best Omega Supplement

25 September 2015  |  Editor

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Do you know why krill oil is such a fantastic health supplement? 

A fast growing number of people are aware of the need to supplement their diet with omega 3 essential acids (EFAs) to supports different areas of health including heart, brain and joints. There is a vast array of alternative products so which is the most effective and best value for money?

It's Krill Oil.

Here's 5 top reasons why:

  • ​Krill Oil has over 50% greater bioavailability, which means you absorb it better and so get more of the active ingredients into your system
  • Krill Oil is free from marine contamination, including heavy metals, unlike many fish oils
  • Krill Oil has 48 times the antioxidant capacity compared to fish oils
  • Krill Oil is clinically proven to be more effective than fish oils in:
    • ​​helping balance healthy cholesterol
    • promoting brain health
    • improving the appearance of skin
    • improving emotional and physical symptoms of PMS
    • Supporting weight management
    • reducing intake of anti-inflammatory drugs

Main Benefits of Krill Oil:

  • Brain Power (Krill Oil phospholipids are a vital part of a healthy brain, contorting to memory, learning and mood)
  • Curbing cardiovascular Disease (Krill Oil has a greater impact on reducing blood lipid levels to support heart health compared to fish oils)
  • Type 2 Diabetes (Krill Oil improves insulin sensitivity and also protects cells from oxidative damage, unlike fish oils)
  • Liver Health (Krill Oil reduces fat content of the liver by 50% more than fish oil)
  • PMS (Krill Oil improves the emotional and physical symptoms of PMS more effectively than fish oils)
  • Naturally Boosting Mood (Krill Oil reduces anxiety and boosts mood)
  • Anti-Ageing (Krill Oil reduces wrinkles and improves skin condition)
  • Fighting Obesity (Krill Oil aids weight loss more effectively than fish oils)
  • Healthier Joints (Krill Oil reduces dependance on harmful Non-Steroidal and Anti-infalmmatory Drugs)
  • Calming Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (Krill Oil reduces inflammation and damage in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases)
  • Tumour Inhibition (Krill Oil inhibits cell proliferation by 64% whereas fish oils showed no effect)
  • Energy Boost ( Krill Oil boosts cellular energy producing pathways, unlike fish oils.

Go to our PDF on the subject for even fuller details here

This will give you much fuller details and of course, you can download it in readable form. It also tells you:

  • More about Krill Oil Composition (what's in it)
  • Why it is more cost effective than fish oil
  • The nutrients in Krill Oil - like antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
  • About Krill Oil safety and sustainability

It really is an exhaustive document. Read it and you can be sure of the benefits and that you are right to use Krill Oil.

If you want to see some Krill Oil products. click on this link. You will see one from Nutrigold (whom we thank for providing the information, Thorne Research, Udo's Choice, and the popular Cleanmarine, so there's plenty of choice