Testimonials to the use of Samento

10 June 2016  |  Editor

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Testimonials to the use of Samento

"I will never stop taking Noni and Samento.”

Lyme Borreliosis — BC / Yarmouth, Maine (USA)

Male, 55 years old

BC is a professional musician and documentary film maker from Yarmouth, Maine who has worked with some of the top rock musicians in the world. He shared his Samento experience with us during a recent telephone conversation.

Four years ago, BC found himself "catastrophically ill”. He had been working in the Maine woods and subsequently began experiencing a bizarre list of symptoms: a racing heart while at rest, dizziness, loss of balance, excruciating sounds ensitivity, loss of memory, and a fatigue so great that he could barely walk across his living room. Ten months into the trauma he awoke feeling that he was burning from head to toe, an indication of severe neuropathy.

These symptoms continued as he proceeded from doctor to doctor searching for a diagnosis. A lupus test resulted in a titer of over 5000, but he had no other symptoms of the disease. BC was convinced that he had Lyme disease; however a low-cost Lyme titer had come back negative so his doctors were not convinced and continued with batteries of other medical tests, none of which yielded a diagnosis.Finally a doctor recommended that he see a psychiatrist.

Still convinced that he had Lyme disease, BC contacted Lyme disease experts in Bostona nd at Columbia University. Using more sensitive blood tests, the doctors immediately diagnosed BC with Lyme disease and Babezia. For the next sixteen months BC underwent intensive antibiotic regimes, including long periods in which he had to remain in bed to receive antibiotics intravenously. He described his symptoms as "exploding” during this time instead of improving.

Disappointed, he tried some homeopathic remedies and nosodes, which caused a "catastrophic relapse”. He then heard of Samento through a doctor who was not familiar with its use, but had seen an article describing its use with Lyme disease. BC read the article cautiously and eventually spoke with the president of the Nutramedix company.

BC began an 8 week protocol of Samento. He started with 1 drop of Samento 2 times per day. He quickly worked up to 11 drops of Samento 2 times per day. As he began his regimen, his improvement was remarkable and swift. First, he noticed skin eruptions on his arms and legs as the poison from the Lyme disease found its way out of his body. These disappeared within a short period of time. Then, over the next eight weeks, his energy "increased incredibly – by four times.”

Likewise, his cognitive abilities have improved by "four times,” his memory is better,and his neurological symptoms have improved significantly. Within a short period of time his Lupus-like red face, dizziness and sound sensitivity disappeared. Best of all, BC is now back to work producing music and documentaries.

With regard to the healing effects of the remarkable herb, BC asserts that "faith, optimism and Samento will take you there.

”Lyme Borreliosis - DC -Female - California (USA)

DC was diagnosed with Lyme disease in November of 2003, but had had symptoms for about a year prior to that. These included extreme fatigue, unexplained cuts and scratches, red marks on her skin, dizziness, nausea, achy joints, bruises "out of nowhere”, and the sensation of something biting her or pinching her nerves.

She started taking Samento capsules immediately upon diagnosis, and later switched to Liquid Samento. The symptoms for which she experienced the most profound improvement were the dizziness and nausea, which have improved "100percent”.

Likewise,her extreme fatigue is "98 percent” better. Improvement of other symptoms was marked as well: cuts and scratches, 50 percent improvement; red marks on skin 50 percent improvement; achy joints 75 percent improvement; and bruising ands ensations of biting and pinching have improved 90 percent. Overall she says,"I feel so much better… I have more energy, more clarity.”

"Samento has given me my life back.” - KT / N. England, United Kingdom

Progressive motor and sensory axonal neuropathy/ Borreliosis/FMS

In 1976 aged eighteen KT became tired at work and after a short rest found that he couldn't use his legs to rise from his chair. Within 4 hours he had no mobility and patches of numbness below his lower ribs and an increasing weakness in his arms and hands. He was rushed to hospital where despite the care of the staff every touch became a burning agony and all attempts to cryout were stifled by an inability to emit a sound.

Large doses of penicillin were given IM and after 10 days of the agony all KT could do was burst into tears when any nurse appeared with the offending kidney bowl and paraphernalia. Apart from suspected meningitis as a toddler and a bout of bursitis in his early teens, KT had rarely been ill. He never understood why all nurses, doctors and visitors were masked and gowned but realised that he was being treated as one infectious individual. That's when he first heard the term "Lyme Disease".

Very little about Lyme Disease was known in the UK and being a predominantly USA affliction (and KT having never visited the States) this was soon at theback of the myriad of diagnoses that were bandied around: muscular dystrophy,multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease, Friedreich's Ataxia, poliomyelitis.... and after beingtold that the likelihood of walking again was negligible KT was carted off to aconvalescent hospital in his wheelchair and told to rest.

KT wouldn't rest. At 18 he was looking at a life sentence in that chair and at every opportunity he would fall to the floor and pull himself to his feet by the radiators, window sills, or door handles and struggle to make his intensely fatigued and painful limbs work for him. The nurses always brought him back to his chair and told him to stay. His perseverance paid off and within months with the aid of leg-braces and crutches KT was back at home.

And then just as quickly as it had all started everything was fine again. KT put the past behind him, found a good job, married and settled down. But fate was to strike a cruel blow. The weakness and fatigue in his legs returned. Then all the strange symptoms: muscle jerks, burning joints, one-sided headaches, hypersensitivity to the point where bedclothes became painful, clumsiness with his fingers,hyperacusis, photophobia and then the tripping and falling which put him backinto the hospital. The diagnosis? A choice of four - ME/CFS, Friedrich's Ataxia, suspect MS and Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS). They settled on ME/CFSand started psychiatric treatment straight away, removed all medication andsent him away with a bottle of 'sugar pills' to make him feel cared for.

For four years this was how things remained. The symptoms stayed as stubborn as ever. KT knew he was ill. The psychiatrist held his hands up in defeat. A referral to an anaesthiologist for the overwhelming pain changed everything. He was 90% certain that he was looking at a relapse of GBS with a suspicion of multiple sclerosis and started symptomatic treatment straight away. At least life started to taste better. 14 years after KT's initial collapse he was getting treatment.

But things weren't getting better. They were slowly getting worse. Blood tests,biopsies, EMGs, physiotherapy, counselling, and more medications didn't halt the flow of the unrelenting symptoms.

The nerve damage was progressing. First the bowel then urinary incontinence,the nerves having failed the smooth muscle - and then the big one - a heart attack in March 2003. No one could believe how or why a non-smoking, light drinking, clean living 'youngster' could succumb to such a thing. When the second one happened three months later something had to be done, and quick.

KT's mother arranged a private consultation with a doctor in the UK who was treating her for her own autoimmune problems in September 2003 . KT's blood was sampled and viewed via darkfield microscopy and soon the results were in.Borreliosis.

Probably the cause of everything that had happened over the last 27 years and almost certainly the heart attacks. A quick scan on the internet and all the differential diagnoses made sense. The treatment? Antibiotics - Rocephin and medicinal arsenic, a painful solution, but a possible one, when just prior to the start of treatment a letter arrived describing the 'trial' of Samento liquid extract in cases 'such as his' and how much more preferable it would be to the aforementioned medication.

KT started his first bottle in October 2003 slowly increasing the dose from a daily drop up to 7 drops three times a day. After the first two days KT was racked with fever; headaches, vomiting, sweats but after being advised to increase his water intake to a pint with each dose the fevers (healing crises) fell away. Four months laterthe pain, neuritis, headaches and inflammation had all but gone. 27 years ofmisery wiped away. An improvement in symptoms of around 85%. Now with doxycycline and Samento taken side-by-side the dozen or so 'symptomatic' medications have dwindled to the minimum needed to keep the neurological phenomena under control.

Eight months into the Samento and doxycycline regimen KT developed a "borreliosis rash" on his hand and arm as the borrelia forced its way to the surface of the skin. A sign that the protocol is working? Certainly things have moved forward since he started the Samento almost a year ago now. The neurological damage may not repair. It's too late for that - but never say never. Two years ago KT could not have imagined feeling this good.Clear thought, energy, stamina, will-power, and self-esteem! There are no longer enough hours in the day and the days never begin early enough!!

Lyme Borreliosis and Hashamoto Disease - MR - Male, 58 yearsold - Berkeley, California (USA)

MR is now "feeling much better and (is) grateful for the product.” He suffers from both Hashamoto (an auto-immune disease) and Lyme disease, which left him with fatigue, stinging and burning skin, joint pain and tinnitus. MR began taking seven drops of Liquid Samento three times each day. His dosage of thyroid medicine has been reduced from 2.25 to 2.0 grams, and his symptomatic profilewas reduced by 50 percent.

Lyme Borreliosis - TB - Female - California (USA)
TB belongs to a group of fellow Lyme disease sufferers in California. She was diagnosed with two strains of Lyme disease in May 2003 after experiencing symptoms for over a year. These symptoms included skin lesions and eruptions, bone pain, malarial symptoms, a feeling a heaviness in the legs, and chills. Afterstarting on 30 to 40 drops of Samento daily, all symptoms have improved dramatically.

"Boneaches – tremendously diminished. All of my co-infections are better. I don’t have the malarial symptoms anymore. My heavy legs are 98% improved.My chills have diminished tremendously.”

The other individuals in the group have experienced great improvement as well. "All the group says it feels much better on Samento. It has, in all of ourlives, helped us tremendously. Absolutely…I wouldn’t get off of it foranything.”

Lyme Borreliosis - VH - Male - Maryland (USA)

VH was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 1998. He suffered from fatigue and several neurological symptoms, including dizziness, disorientation and panic attacks.He started on ten drops of Liquid Samento two times each day, then moved to three 600 mg capsules two times each day. After two months on Samento, his symptoms have improved 85 percent and his overall feeling of well-being has also improved 85 percent.

Lyme Borreliosis - AK - Male - Virginia (USA)

Night sweats, cyclical bouts of fatigue, mild depression, joint pain and arthritis were symptoms that AK had experienced as a result of his Lyme disease. Diagnosed in December, 2003, he started taking Samento several months later. AK takes both the liquid (three drops each day) and the capsules (three 600 mg each day). On this regimen he has seen a 25 percent improvement in joint pain, a 50 percent improvement in fatigue and depression, and an 80 percent improvement in night sweats.

Parkinson’s Disease - LP - Male, 60’s - Florida (USA)

LP is a former body-building champion and actor now in his 60’s and living in Florida.

He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD) in 1987, but had had symptoms for over a decade prior to his diagnosis. His symptoms were those typically associated with PD: tremors, stiffness, motor control problems, and difficulty concentrating on even the simplest task. In addition, LP had been battling stubborn and painful toe fungus for years that had not responded to any treatment.

LP started taking Samento capsules over a year ago, and immediately felt a surge of energy, and his walking improved dramatically. Before Samento, LP could not walk more than 50 feet. After starting Samento he was walking a half a mile. In addition, I could do things on my own better. LP then switched to Liquid Samento and his progress continued. He describes both his strength and energy as up 50 percent. His toe fungus has improved dramatically.

His Samento regimen included 15 drops 3 times a day for several months, dropping toa maintenance dose of 10 drops 2 times a day. He plans on using Samento indefinitely. I believe Samento is a very good tonic for people with Parkinson’s.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epstein Barr, Lupus - AR - Female -Huntsville, Utah (USA)

Six years ago AR was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a year later with Epstein Barr, and a year after that with Lupus.

Her illnesses left her with about one good day every two weeks. Joint aches, muscle pains, and headaches were her most frequent symptoms. Told by her holistic practitioner that she had "one foot in the grave and one on a banana peel”, she tried Samento Plus, and a few months later switched to Liquid Samento. She currently takes five drops 3 times each day. Her muscle pains are gone, as are her joint aches, and headaches are now rare. "I would not be without it!”

Fibromyalgia, Asthma - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Low Immunity -RJ - Female - Ohio (USA)

RJ has suffered from fibromyalgia for 10 years, and asthma since the age of 2.Additionally, she suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome and a low immune system. Because of RJ’s asthma, colds almost always led to bronchitis,necessitating the use of antibiotics and steroids. Her fibromyalgia gave her continual flul ike symptoms.

She started on Samento capsules two years ago and now takes 5 drops of the Liquid Samento 3 times each day. She increases her dosage when she catches a cold, and has had no bronchitis since she started taking Samento. In fact, since starting on the herb she has been infection-free and has had no need for antibiotics.

Before starting Samento RJ was on three medications plus an inhaler for asthma, andn ow she has cut her dosages in half and no longer needs the inhaler. Her energy has increased to the point that she no longer needs her afternoon naps, and the flu-like symptoms of her fibromyalgia are gone.

Fibromyalgia- VK - Female - Arizona (USA)

VK was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia five years ago after seeing a doctor for leg spasms that were preventing her from walking. This doctor then sent her to a vascular doctor who performed a series of tests, all of which came back negative. She tried several herbal remedies and followed a vegan diet, but her condition worsened.

She felt electrical shocks all over her body and in her organs.Her face went numb. The leg spasms, which had diminished, returned to the point that in the mornings she could not stand or walk.

Her condition went up and down. She got a trainer, improved her physical condition, and went off the vegan diet. Things improved for a while. But as her condition deteriorated she consulted with both a kinesiologist and a chiropractor, neither of which helped. At this point she was regularly in tears. She finally returned to a physician who performed a wide variety of lab tests and tests on eleven pressure points, finding pain in every one. This physician diagnosed her with fibromyalgia.

VK started researching different methods of treating her condition. She changed her diet and continued working with trainer. However eighteen months ago she experienced so much pain in her right arm that she completely lost use of it. She then went to an alternative doctor who triedacupuncture and herbal remedies, but the experience proved to be "horrendous”.

She finally had a little success with malic acid with magnesium.Then Dr. Jonathan Wright told her to try Samento as a "guinea pig,” for ninety days. She started taking one capsule each day, and within two weeks she had full use of her right arm. In the past eighteen months, VK has not had any bad spells. She continues to experience some pain but she can usually alleviate it with certain exercises. She works five days a week, takes care ofgrandchildren, and has a healthy life. VK has recommended Samento to over 50 people. She feels Samento is the difference between living and not living… it is a great product."

Fibromyalgia, Epstein Barr - BE - Female, 48 years old - Florida (USA)

BE,a 48 year old female from Florida, was originally diagnosed in 1990 with Epstein Barr and fibromyagia, and has experienced vomiting for some time. She has been taking both liquid Samento and Samento in capsule for over a year and has seen dramatic improvement in many of her symptoms. BE takes three 600 mg capsules 2 times each day, and 1 drop of liquid Samento 3 times each day. Her fibromyalgia still comes and goes, but she describes it as 70 to 90 percent improved. Her vomiting has improved 75 percent, and her energy has increase by 80 to 85 percent. I appreciate this product very much.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Fibromyalgia- BG - Female - North Carolina (USA)

BG has had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since 1992 and fibromyalgia since 1994. Her major symptoms were inflammation, pain, fatigue, and depression. In July 2002she started taking one 600 mg capsule of Samento each day. Her inflammation and pain have improved 60–70 percent, fatigue 50 percent, and her depression and overallwell-being are 80 percent improved.

HIV Positive - JS - Male, 50 years old - Milagro, Ecuador

Patient was diagnosed in November 2002 as doubly reactive to HIV and thenconfirmed with Western Blot. He visited the Hospital of Infectious Diseases soon after receiving his diagnosis. He began anti-retroviral treatment from aprivate practitioner, which caused vomiting, fever, and chills.

Given the situation, the attending physician at the Hospital recommended that the patient begin treatment using Samento. This was accepted by the patient hen he learned that it is a natural product whose main action is to improve the immune system. The patient was started on an initiation dosage of one 200 mg capsuleeach day for fifteen days, then two 200 mg capsules for the next fifteen days. After 31 days the patient began taking one capsule of 600 mg each day, 1000 IUof vitamin E and a multivitamin. It was recommended that the patient eliminate all milk productsand excess fat from the diet. Calcium from milk products would be replaced bycalcium from vegetables.

The results for this patient are very good. The side effects from the antiretroviral drugs have been eliminated, and the patient is presently completely asymptomatic. The laboratory evaluation reflects a sharp decline in the viral load in four months time: from 357560 to 21458 and the CD4 levels remain about the same: 384 to 373. The physician has attempted to explain that the virus is reproducing at a very low level,which explains the impressive decline in the viral load in such a short time.The patient has returned to work and remains in constant vigil with his physician. He continues to take one capsule of Samento daily.

HIV Positive - OP - Male, 32 years old - Guayaquil, Ecuador

This patient was diagnosed as HIV positive in April 2003, after having gone tothe doctor for a case of syphilis. This is a person of few economic resources and who is addicted to alcohol, tobacco, and cocaine. He has been subjected topoor nutrition
both in quality and quantity.

He became a regular outpatient at the Hospital of Infectious Diseases soonafter being diagnosed using both ELISA and Western Blot, and he is hoping to receive retroviral treatment. However at this point he has not been assigned as such given his CD4 level and viral loads, which are above the level of thosen ormally considered for receiving this treatment at no cost.

He was initially treated for syphilis, responding to the treatment and in theclinical evaluation in which he must demonstrate orientation in time and space,good lung capacity and cardiac rhythm, a pain-free abdomen under slight pressure, and a general cooperation with the interview.

His doctor recommended that he begin treatment with Samento, which was accepted by the patient, and the patient was started on an initiation dosage of one 200mg capsule each day for fifteen days, then two 200 mg capsules for the next fifteen days. After 31 days the patient began taking one capsule of 600 mg each day, 1000 IU of vitamin E and a multivitamin. It was recommended that the patient eliminate all milk products and excess fat from the diet. Calcium from milk products would be replaced by calcium from vegetables.

At the beginning of the treatment the patient reports a CD4 of 634 and a viral load of 26807. After four months his CDF is 676 and the viral load is 11451.The patient is well clinically, without symptoms, has returned to work and leads a productive life. He attends regular follow-ups with his doctor and has reported no problems since starting Samento. On the contrary, he has a growingv itality and satisfaction in the fact that he in once again working.

Crohn’s Disease - BC - Female, 50 yearsold - Huntington, New York (USA)

BC suffered for almost 10 years before doctors diagnosed her with Crohn’s disease in 1977. Her symptoms included "everything but the kitchen sink”:chronic diarrhea, severe abdominal pain, chronic fatigue, anemia, kidney stones, infections, joint pain which turned into polyarthritis, vitamin deficiencies, vomiting, partial obstruction in the small intestines, fever, ands wollen lymph nodes. Through it all, however, BG managed to maintain her sense of humor to keep going.

BC started taking Samento capsules and noticed that her bowel became more"quiet”, in fact, its function became almost normal. There was a decrease of her partial obstruction, which is a major improvement. When she switched to the liquid Samento, she noticed even greater improvement. She takes 5 drops once or twice each day, depending on her symptoms. When she forgets to take her Samento, she really notices it, so she rarely forgets these days. Samento is part of my daily routine; I would not want to be without it. It has facilitated me getting off my medications.

Crohn’s Disease - GC - Female, 71 years old - Nebraska (USA)

GC first heard of Samento when a friend from Tampa told her that it had cured afoot infection. This friend had gone to several doctors and tried a variety of antibiotics before Samento cleared up the infection. GC then heard another friend from church talking about the product. Finally, she heard a radio interview that discussed Samento’s ability to help with Crohn’s disease, a problem with which GC had been dealing for many years.

GC started taking two 600 mg capsules twice a day, and gradually began feelingmuch better overall. She is now showing 50 percent improvement in her symptoms,particularly with going to the bathroom and bloating. "Samento is a very important part of my health regime.”

Chronic Colds, Lung Infections - RK - Male - Seattle, Washington(USA)

RK’s work in the ministry exposed him to a lot of college students, leading to consistent colds followed by painful lung infections. He was diagnosed with and prescribed medication for severe allergies. The medication seemed to stave off the lung infections, but he continued to feel run down, with lung pain and always "on the edge of another infection” He even attempted new breathingtechniques in the hopes of increasing the strength of his diaphragm and takingthe pressure off his chest.

About three years ago he started taking Samento, and he now takes 4 drops ofthe liquid Samento each day. His lungs are painfree, and he feels moreenergetic. My lungs cleared up completely…I’ve been taking it for three yearsand haven’t had a
cold (since).

Jaw Infection - KH - Female - California (USA)

KH suffered from a jaw infection for five years. Additionally, her face andscalp were often covered with rashes. About one year ago she started taking twoto four Samento 600 mg. capsules daily. Within a month her jaw infection had disappeared. Her facial breakouts improved 80 percent with Samento, and her scalp breakouts improved 50 percent. I feel victimized by my jaw infection whenI’m not taking Samento … it is a potent antibiotic.

Infection from scratch - B.C. - Just a little note to tell youhow Samento helped me this winter

I was accidentally scratched on the outside of my upper lip and inside of mylower lip by a person who had dirty fingernails. I washed the area as soon aspossible but in a short time my lips were swollen and very feverish. I took therecommended dosage of Samento, went to sleep and when I awoke my lips were completely healed.Thank you for this product.

Allergies, Asthma - DE - Female, 56 years old - Biddeford, Maine(USA)

DE is a kindergarten teacher. She and other staff members working in her buildingexperienced continuous allergies and asthma. Her health deteriorated to thepoint that she was bedridden with no energy, a sinus infection, no voice, andcompletely exhausted. Her doctor told her that she needed bed rest and that hehad recently heard about a product that could help her called Samento. Within48 hours she was feeling "remarkably better.”

She has now been taking the Samento 600 mg capsules for three years. Herprevious symptoms are greatly reduced: she feels more energetic, needs lesssleep, and requires fewer absences from work. Last year I was off twenty days,this year only two days. Samento is "a great teaching aid.

Skin Rash - J.O

I had an itchy irritating rash all over my stomach and upper arms for over twoweeks. I couldn’t sleep. Nothing I tried worked. Then I took Samento 600mgcapsules and within two days the rash was almost completely gone. This is a wonderfulproduct. I thank God for it and for the people who told me about it. This is an answer to prayer. Thank you.

Diabetes, Psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis - DPV - 47 Years ofAge - Lima, Peru

I’ve had diabetes since I was 15 years old, Type B, and used two types ofinsulin, rapid and slow, with a glucose level that had gotten as high as 580. Ifelt dizzy, sleepy, sick overall, I had joint pain, I didn’t see well – myvision was foggy - and I had strong headaches, I tripped over my feet when I walked and sometimes fell. I took three insulin injections each day, which gave me loose stools.

I’ve had psoriasis since April 2001 – I had many problems and the doctor from San Pablo Clinic told me that I had gotten it from stress. At first I got little bumps all over my body like measles. Within three days the bumps became sores, and within a week I had reddish white scabs, hard and bleeding, first itching then burning, over my entire body. Little by little my whole body and head became covered with ulcers, my scalp dried out and gave me dandruff, and the ulcers covered my face and into my ears. This was a chronic, painfullness with unbearable burning.

In January Mr. Willy Castro told me that he had a natural remedy that would cure me and alleviate my illnesses. The fifteenth of that month I received from Natural Life a one ounce bottle of Samento with which to start my treatment. I took four drops three times each day one half hour before meals. I eliminated fat, sugar, spices and citrus from my diet for four months, and later changed the dosage to two drops three times each day, which is what I take today.

Since being on Samento I felt much better quickly – all my symptoms of diabetes and psoriasis went away, and since I started taking Samento I have not used insulin or any other medication, even though Mr. Castro told me I should not stop taking insulin, at least at first. I feel very good – some of my scabs have disappeared, others are drying, I have no pains, I feel rejuvenated, happy, and very grateful. The doctor from the San Pablo clinic told me that psoriasis is chronic, and with it and the Diabetes I would never be healthy, but Samento provided me with a miracle.

Pain from Sinus Infection - RK - Female, 80 years old - NewJersey (USA)

Several years ago RK was recovering from a sinus operation that went awry, andwas "really a basket case.” She could not do much on her own, including hershopping, cooking and laundry. After starting on Samento capsules four years ago, she has been doing "very well” and is able to take care of herself independently to a much greater degree. She attributes her vitality and increased energy 100 percent toSamento.

Dental Surgery - B.J.

I recently had an upper denture put in my mouth, which of course involved theremoval of all my upper teeth with their multiple problems… infections,would-be root canals, nerve damage, etc. When I went to have an impressionmade, the dentist recommended a heavy run of antibiotics. I chose to take Samento instead. Oneweek prior to surgery I took 3 a day. Almost immediately the pain went away. Onthe day of my surgery, after removal, I didn’t even need the heavy pain killersprescribed! Samento made a difference. Thank you.

P.S. I did so well after surgery the dentist asked me what I took because he wasso impressed.

Cancer - JMP - Female, 65 years old - Standish, Maine (USA)

JMP was diagnosed with liver cancer February 2004 after experiencing an achingside, nausea, pain in her arm, shoulder and side, and a lump on her finger. Shestarted taking 15 drops of Liquid Samento three times each day, and 30 drops ofNoni extract four times each day. Within six weeks, all her symptoms hadimproved close to 100 percent. She had no more pain in her arm or shoulder, nonausea, and no pain in her liver. She is now experiencing a "sense ofwell-being” and will continue with the

Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma - MI - Male - New Jersey (USA)

MI was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma over three years ago. A friendmentioned Samento to his wife, and he started taking it soon thereafter. Hecurrently takes two 600 mg capsules per day, down from 3 per day. His cancerhas been in complete remission for three years. He feels that Samento hasprevented him from contracting other illnesses, particularly duringChemotherapy. He continues to take it for its immunomodulating effects. I feelthat it is good. It keeps me in…good shape.
Prostate Cancer - VN - Male, 71 yearsold - Tequesta, Florida (USA)

VN was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1996. Eight rounds of radiation lefthim highly fatigued. After starting Samento he has felt more energy, fewerallergies, improved sleep, and no need for naps. His PSA is at 0.2 and hisdoctor is thrilled. I highly recommend it to anybody.
Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hypothyroidism,Chronic Foot, Infection - MR - Female, 60’s - Florida (USA)

MR was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) over 40 years ago,hypothyroidism 10 years ago, and diabetes within the last few years. Hersymptoms included those commonly associated with RA: joint distortion, pain,stiffness, and fatigue. In 2002 her arthritis manifested itself acutely as an injured and open arthritic nodule onthe bottom of her foot. This wound drained continuously for 13 months and madewalking almost impossible. Several interventions, including hospitalization,surgery, and continual care from a wound specialist had proved unsuccessful.

MR started on a high dose of Samento capsules (four each day) and within threeweeks the nodule was completely healed. Now on a maintenance dosage of 8 dropsof the liquid Samento daily, she has experienced dramatic improvement in a widerange of symptoms. MR’s endocrinologist recently reduced her thyroid medicine,and her blood sugar is regulated. Her energy has improved "100 percent”, to thepoint that she no longer needs afternoon naps. The stiffness from arthriticjoint deformity is "at least 75 percent improved”, and MR is getting aroundmuch better. In fact, she recently started working as a volunteer part-time,something unthinkable a year ago. It’s absolutely fantastic. I’m on a high fromthe results.
Inflammatory Arthritis - SY - Male -Arizona (USA)
SYwas completely debilitated by inflammatory arthritis when he was diagnosed in2003. He experienced muscle and joint pain and an elevated sedimentation rate(ESR), which is the primary measure of inflammation. SY started on threecapsules of Samento two times each day in November of that year. Within threeweeks a blood test revealed that his ESR had dropped from fifty to four, and hedescribed his pain level as diminished by two thirds.