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Study shows vitamin D deficiency can increase likelihood of diabetes.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017  |  Editor

A new study on Nutritional and Metabolic Diseases and Conditions - Vitamin D Deficiency is now available. 

According to news originating from Cambridge, United Kingdom, vitamin D deficiency has been linked to the onset of diabetes. This article summarises how Vitamin D Helps maintain the normal release of insulin.

Diabetes is initiated by insulin resistance. The body can overcome this resistance by releasing more insulin, thus preventing hyperglycaemia. But as hyperactivity increases, the body experiences signalling that results in cell death and the onset of diabetes. 

Vitamin D deficiency contributes to both the initial insulin resistance and the subsequent onset of diabetes caused by beta-cell death. 
Vitamin D acts to reduce inflammation, which is a major process in inducing insulin resistance. 
Vitamin D maintains the normal resting levels of both Ca2+ and ROS that are elevated in the beta-cells during diabetes. 
Vitamin D also has a very significant role in maintaining the epigenome. Epigenetic alterations are a feature of diabetes by which many diabetes-related genes are inactivated by hypermethylation. Vitamin D acts to prevent such hypermethylation by increasing the expression of the DNA demethylases that prevent hypermethylation of multiple gene promoter regions of many diabetes-related genes."

What is remarkable is just how many cellular processes are maintained by Vitamin D. When Vitamin D is deficient, many of these processes begin to decline and this sets the stage for the onset of diseases such as diabetes."

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