Low Mood? Stressed, irritated, worried, anxious, cannot sleep?

5 April 2019  |  Editor

Here are 4 different natural products from leading Swiss organisations, A Vogel. 

Stress Relief Daytime (View the product)

If you know there is a challenge looming or a period of strain on the horizon, protect your self against negative effects of anxiety bt taking Stress Relief Daytime to stay alert an calm

- Stressed and irritable?
facing challenging situation?
- Need a temporary boost?

- Easily absorbed with or without food
- Non-addictive
- Suitable to take for an immediate challenge.

Keep your water intake up and don't fall into the trap of heading for biscuits and coffee: keep yourself focused with healthy snacks and energising green tea

Avencalm (View the product)

Take Avenacalm to get you through times when anxiety seems to be building

- Feeling worried and anxious?
- Minor anxieties undermining you?
- Sleep affected by fretting over problems?
- Easily absorbed with or without food
- Non-addictive

Suitable to take over a period of extended challenge

Walk off worries - just a 10 minute walk may help calm your ner4vous system, especially if you do it regularly. Drink plenty of water and consider banning caffeine completely - your nervous system doesn't need more stimulation!


Hyperiforce (St John's Wort) (View the product)

Hyperiforce St. John's Wort can help with low mood associated with anxiety, orn temporary lowness of spirits after a difficult time

- Low mood or lack of confidence?
- Feeling down or low?
- Find the winter months 
- Not associated with the side effect of drug medication for similar issues
- Non-addictive
- Not associated with unpleasant withdrawal effects

Professional counselling may help if low mood is a regular problem; and techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can be extremely empowering. Many people who do need counselling often refuse to recognise this until they reach "rock bottom". This is to be avoided if possible. It should also be remembered that your choice of a counsellor is important. Different personalities suit different people. Most counsellors allow a first "getting to know you" session to see if you gel.

​Exercising  outside in the fresh air has been shown to help with low mood, as well as bringing the usual benefits of exercise. Mild medication from your doctor may be necessary if symptoms aren't improving with natural remedies.


Dormesan Sleep (View the product)

Dormesan Sleep is a simple way if promoting bettie sleep cycles and improving disrupted sleep patterns.

- Disturbed sleep?
- Worries keeping you awake?
- Drained by poor sleep?

Eat light and early in the evening to reduce digestive processes interfering with sleep. Getting to bed before 11pm or earlier if possible with give the body time to do the necessary repairs and processing. You'll feel a huge benefit inbthe morning.