Strengthen your health as we come out of Covid restrictions

8 July 2021  |  Editor

Strengthen your health as we come out of Covid restrictions

As we come out of Covid-19 restrictions it is more important than ever that we look after our bodies to make them as resistant as possible to infection.

We could do that by making sure that we have a perfect diet but often this is difficult to achieve.

Nobody should suggest that dietary supplements should replace healthy eating but they can help to boost deficiencies - and who doesn't want a healthy immune system?

Sadly, too many of us don't eat enough of the fresh fruits, vegetables and other foods we need to keep ourselves healthy all the year round. Before you know it, Summer will be over and we'll be confronted with the colder weather of winter and the risks of Flu, common colds and indeed Covid surging again. So it's best to prepare your body for the challenge.

Eating an orange or grapefruit or popping a vitamin pill and expecting a quick burst of vitamin C to prevent a cold and to boost your immune system is a recipe for disaster.

A healthy immune system depends on a balanced healthy diet over time. In effect you are training for a battle; preparing your body ahead of time so it can deliver a good punch when attacked by viruses, bacteria and toxins. 

Here are some of the supplements that are helpful:

1.Vitamin C: to prevent infections or shorten and minimise their effects.
2.Vitamin E: a powerful antioxidant that helps fight off infection
3.Vitamin A: an infection fighter
4.Vitamin D: Known as the sunshine vitamin, it’s one of the most important and powerful nutrients for supporting the immune system.
5.Folic Acid: Often added to foods because of it's health benefits
6.Iron: helps your body carry oxygen to cells and so plays a part in many of the immune system processes
7.Selenium: seems to have a powerful effect on the immune system being important for preventing infections
8.Zinc: needed for the production of new immune system cells

So here's three questions for you:

1.Do you know if you are getting enough of these 8 nutrients from your diet?
2.Can you be bothered to work out which of these nutrients you are deficient in?
3. can you be bothered to work out a range of supplements that will help do the job? 

If the answer to any of these three questions is "no", the answer may simply be to make sure that you take a good multivitamin supplement for an all-round boost. A boost now, not once winter comes and the horse has bolted.

"But which multivitamin is right for me?" you might ask.

Fortunately, Multivitamins and minerals are offered with different makeups of nutrients for different cohorts because these groups tend to have slightly different requirements:

  • General
  • For children
  • For women
  • For pregnant women
  • For menopausal women
  • For men
  • For those for us who are a little older

Whatever you choose it is important to remember that quality of ingredients and manufacture is vital to the efficacy of supplements. For that reason we have chosen multivitamins of these brands:

  • BioCare: a UK brand of the highest quality and a favourite of nutritional professionals for themselves and their patients
  • Lamberts Healthcare: Another UK brand of highest quality recommended by nutritional professionals throughout the world
  • Solgar: Possibly the world's leading supplement brand

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