Anti-ageing and Serrapeptase

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The ageing process is a normal function of the body as we get older each year, but premature ageing is not normal. We can change our view of aging by adopting a naturally healthy lifestyle. 

To do something about early ageing and all of the ailments normally associated with ageing, we need to stop thickening of the blood, fibrous tissue build-up, chronic inflammation and a weakening in our immune system.

Luckily today, we have the enzyme Serrapeptase, originally found in the silkworm, to help us alleviate these tendencies. Serrapeptase attacks dead and damaged tissue throughout the body. 

If we maintain a poor diet which doesn't give us the needed enzymes and nutrients, this will eventually lead to a weakened immune system where our body ceases to function as it should.

Serrapeptase added to our daily diet, along with healthy food, will boost our immune system. This will enable us to fight against the damage caused by inflammation. This makes Serrapeptase an actual anti-ageing remedy.

If you are suffering from premature ageing, you should be seriously looking for Serrapeptase to be in your daily diet.

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Julie Spangler
Sunday, 5 February 2017  |  6:29

Could you tell me what my daily dosage should be and what a daily dosage would be for a 12 & 16 year old.