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6 June 2019  |  Editor

Fabulous, healthy, natural and organic foods

We constantly remark that supplements should not be regarded as a substitute for a good, healthy diet.

But we don't sell food products on this site. We are, however, associated with one of the UK's leading, specialists in natural, organic food. We do urge you to take a look.

Nature's Healthbox Food

A wide range of organic food specially chosen for quality. Back in the 1950s most of the food we ate was organically produced. Now it isn't and that has knock on effects for our health because modern factory-farmed, pre-packaged products you find at your local supermarket do not have the nutrients that they used to.

Until sugar became freely and cheaply available a couple of centuries ago, our taste in food was less sweet. Since then we have developed sweeter tastes. Ever ready to follow public demand, those responsible for the supply of food have overseen a dramatic change in the food we eat. Fruits and vegetables have been bred to appeal to our modern tastes but along the way they have lost vital nutrient components.

The chemical treatment of food crops to increase yield, whilst laudable for the point of view of providing enough food at reasonable prices, has not been kind to our diets or to the environment.

There are also many hidden costs in the production of modern packaged foods between farming and end product so there is a good argument for more natural, organic foods. Given that organic foods are not significantly more expensive, there is also a big question mark over the level of wages paid to farm workers involved in the farming of products that end up as pre-packaged foods after several layers of cost.

We therefore feel that the excuse that organic foods are too expensive has to be balanced against health, environmental and fair trading considerations.

With that in mind, Nature's Healthbox specialise in the careful selection of healthy, organic products and strictly monitor the quality of brands they sell.

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