Protection for Holiday Skin

10 August 2015  |  Editor

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The summer season and associated increased solar exposure is upon us. Whilst ultra violet (UV) rays are essential for conversion of vitamin D and a pleasure to feel on our skin and in our bones after a long period of exclusion, an unintended consequence of being over exposed to UV light is inappropriate oxidation. Your skin is most susceptible to oxidative damage by UV light as it is directly exposed and the outcomes are found in a number different of biological effects, many of which are detrimental.

UV over exposure can lead directly or indirectly, through the generation of reactive oxygen species, to a wide range of photo-damaging effects to cellular lipids, proteins and your DNA. It is also involved in the generation of redness, premature skin aging, photo-immunosuppression and skin cancer, all of which are normal responses to a radiation challenge that exceeds your own natural oxidation buffering capability.

Photoprotection by nutrients is well documented and relates to those derived from a healthy choice of foods, typically seen in the traditional Mediterranean diet. Research into nutrients, including those found in certain food supplements, shows that additional and consistent supplies of key nutrients supports a healthy buffering response to UV radiation and other oxidative triggers including pollution, synthetic chemicals, poor nutrition, heat, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, flying, age, infection, inflammation, fever and chronic illness.

So here are some top tips for this summer if you or your family are planning to safely tan:

  • Be sure to pack suitable skin protection such as sunscreen, matched to your skin type and solar strength.
  • Add into everyone’s daily routine a biological top up of the photo-protecting nutrients by eating a colourful, plant dominant diet including plenty of salads and fresh vegetables.
  • Supplement with antioxidants to ensure optimal availability of photo-buffering nutrients.

Why not start preparing now? After all your life may be exposed to many of the risk factors for oxidation before you arrive at your sunny holiday destination. Supplementing with Oxycell before, during and after your holiday is an ideal form of additional cell insurance to make sure you and your family have the healthiest of holidays.