Price Increases in January 2022

16 December 2021

Price Increases in January 2022

We have  been advised that both BioCare and Solgar are to increase their prices from January 2022, in only about 2 week's time.

Biocare's prices will increase by around 2% and 3% on average while Solgar prices are to increase by an average of just over 8%.

WE THEREFORE STRONGLY URGE YOU to make any orders for these brands before the end of December for 2 reasons:

First: By ordering this month, your cost will be at the existing lower price, and,

Second: you can use our current 10% discount rate to reduce your costs even further.

An example of savings is:

Solgar product currently priced at £20.00
Price after end of December: £21.60
Price you pay NOW with our discount code: £18.00
Saving: £3.60



The discount coupon to use at checkout is:


  1. You can use this coupon as often as you like until the end of December 2021.
  2. There is no limit to the value and size of the order you can make.
  3. The coupon applies to all products on our site, NOT JUST BIOCARE AND SOLGAR.
  4. We expect to be advised of other price increases for other brands before the end of the month.