Omega oils vary. Make sure you get the best value.

31 October 2015  |  Editor


Omega Oils vary. They're not all as good as each other

There are 2 families of essential fatty acids; the omega 3 series and the omega 6 series. Both are known t be vitally important for health and it is essential that both are present in our diets since our bodies are unable to produce them from other nutrients (hence the term "Essential".

The omega 3 and the omega 6 "families" each have a "parent" fatty acid from which our bodies can construct other members of the family. Nutritionists increasingly focus on the intake of image 3s because for many people their dietary intake has fallen to a point that is low enough to be affecting their health.

Grades of Oil vary enormously

Most omega 3 and omega 6 supplements on the market are fund in capsule form and look very similar so it is difficult for people to appreciate the quality of the oils. But in reality there is a huge difference as companiess can provide very different grades of oil.

Lamberts have been supplying professional nutritionists for over 25 years and in that time have become experts in obtaining the best quality oils with excellent fatty acid profiles. We at Vanderbell can add that we regard Lamberts not only as top of the range, powerful products but also extremely good value for money.