Need a detox? Try this clean green smoothie

4 July 2019  |  Editor

Are you looking for a simple way to help cleanse your body on a daily basis, but find it impossible to make a green smoothie which actually tastes nice? We have had our fair share of smoothie disasters as well, so we would like to share with you BioCare's tried and tested green smoothie recipe which you are sure to love and feel motivated to add to your daily morning routine.

Better still, BioCare have super-charged its nutritional content with their Cleanse NutriPowder which BioCare have recently launched as part of our their NutriPowder range of plant-based nutrient powder blends. It is packed with a wide range of plant extracts to support detoxification and antioxidant functions, ranging from everyday ‘superfoods’ such as broccoli, artichoke, apple, beetroot, coriander seed, and celery, to the more glamorous ones, including dandelion and turmeric root, alfalfa, spirulina, broken cell wall chlorella, and milk thistle, all of which have been well-researched and shown to be beneficial to health in a variety of different ways.

BioCare have also added pea protein powder to provide the amino acids required to support several detoxification pathways, improve satiety, and support balanced blood glucose levels, together with coconut water to increase your intake of electrolytes which are important to energy and muscle function for example.

When you feel in need of an extra ‘boost’, say if you are going through a particularly busy period at work or generally feel a bit run down, you can also add a daily dosage of BioCare's Vitamin C Rosehip Complex. This product provides 1g buffered vitamin C per daily dosage alongside zinc to support the immune system, manganese to contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress, as well as rutin, hesperidin, bilberry, and rosehip.

Ideally, as many of the ingredients as possible should be bought organic to minimise pesticide exposure. For information about the pesticide content of many foods, see the Environmental Working Group’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ list and the summary tables provided by the Pesticide Action Network. However, if cost is an issue, organic spinach and celery are readily available in most supermarkets and good to prioritise as they are otherwise amongst the worst offenders of vegetables with a high pesticide content.

Recipe for Cleanse NutriPowder Smoothie

Serves one

Prep time: 5 minutes