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Natural Botanics ease wind and bloating

Wednesday, 20 April 2016  |  Editor

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Natural Botanics ease wind and bloating

Switching to a wholegrain based diet can, for some people, cause a temporary increase in wind and bloating.  These effects will pass once digestion has adapted to the new diet, but in the meantime the effects can be uncomfortable.

Danish researchers studying the effects of wholegrain diets recruited 75 participants and divided them into two groups: one group ate a wholegrain based diet whilst the other group had no wholegrains.

The wholegrain group reported increases in flatulence and more regular bowel movements; this is a common effect of such a diet as gut bacteria ferment the fibre found in wholegrains, producing more gas.  The wind was however easily passed whereas the no-wholegrain group reported feeling more tired and bloated as a result of their diet.

Natural botanicals and plant based digestive enzymes can offer superb support when switching to a wholegrain based diet.  Ginger, fennel, cardamon and peppermint work synergistically to ease trapped wind and stomach cramps and improve circulation in the digestive tract. 

Garlic and inulin act as prebiotics, feeding and nourishing the beneficial gut flora.  Garlic also exerts anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effects, keeping the more pathogenic microbes in balance: laboratory tests have demonstrated the ability of garlic to kill harmful microbes while supporting growth of Lactobacilli, a resident strain of commensal bacteria.

Plant based digestive enzymes have the ability to work throughout the varying acid and alkaline conditions of the human digestive tract, breaking down proteins, starches and fats.  Cellulase and phytase are especially helpful for a wholegrain based diet: these enzymes enhance the digestion of plant material and phytates which may be otherwise difficult to digest.

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