factor 10 protection + anti skin ageing in one tablet!

20 August 2015  |  Editor

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. . . but it does rely on the use of top quality ingredients and a manufacturing process of the highest order. We know these requirements will be in place because the brand is no less than the leading professional brand, Lamberts Healthcare; the choice for many nutritionists for their patients. The product - Colladeen DermaPlus.

Natural protection for collagen and elastin 

Research has shown that compounds called flavonoids, found in fruits, berries and leafy greens, are taken up by the body and transported in the bloodstream to the underlying layers of the skin. Here they bring an important level of protection against the sun damaging the matrix of protein fibres, called collagen and elastin, that make up much of the skin's structure.

Positive results in just 12 weeks 

Some of the most active nutrients capable of doing this are called anthocyanidins (and proanthocyanidins), as well as a fascinating nutrient called lutein. Colladeen" Derma Plus provides these nutrients in the form of high potency tablets, and a study has recently confirmed that these ingredients can offer useful protection against sun damage after just 12 weeks of use. 

Interestingly, the same study showed a positive effect on other aspects of skin health; including depth of wrinkles and elasticity. And this raises the prospect that Colladeen" Derma Plus (click to go to the product) may usher in a whole new way of caring for our skin. 

Our full PDF on the subject makes compelling reading and you can see it by clicking the image below. Download it and read it at your leisure.