Miraculous Health benefits of Serrapeptase

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(Courtesy: Robert Redfern)

Is Serrapeptase the Strongest Miracle Enzyme?


It’s an enzyme that seemed too good to be true when I came across it in 1999, but the research and thousands of happy users since I introduced it in the year 2000 says it isn’t. For decades previously, serrapeptase had been sold as a safe and ethical medicine in Japan and Germany but at some very low doses. The most common serrapeptase uses (and studies) include relief for autoimmune disease; dysfunction of the brain and mind; heart problems; digestive distress; ear, nose, and throat disorders; eye health; lung health; women’s (beast and gynaecological problems) and men’s health (prostate); skin disease; muscle and joint pain; and even cancer.(1)

Very soon I was experimenting with higher and higher doses (on myself) and eventually found that 2,000,000iu was completely safe and gave faster results for serious inflammatory problems.


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Serrapeptase uses and benefits?

I introduced Serrapeptase in 2000 and was inundated with requests for more information so I wrote the book ‘The Miracle Enzyme, is Serrapeptase’. This became a best seller and his been used many as best source of information for serrapeptase and in it I detail over 250 health plans that benefit from serrapeptase. 

So, does serrapeptase work?

The hundreds of thousands of users since 2000 and the large body of research collected over the last 50 years can only be described as life-changing. Serrapeptase natural anti-inflammatory properties can be used as a much safer alternative to prescription and over-the-counter NSAIDs, like ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen, and salicylates, which come with dangerous and even fatal side effects over long-term use. As an anti-inflammatory, it also performs better than other proteolytic enzymes. [3] The enzyme can clean, clear, and reduce inflammation, yet one of the biggest benefits is in its ability to reduce pain. In the presence of inflamed tissue, serrapeptase blocks the release of pain-producing amines. [4] Even Better! When used together, the proteolytic enzymes serrapeptase and nattokinase can improve brain health to successfully modulate some characteristics of Alzheimer’s disease. [5] Research also supports serrapeptase benefits for:

  • Breast engorgement [6]
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome [7]
  • Chronic asthma and bronchitis [8,9]
  • Mucus [10]
  • Sinusitis [11]
  • Swelling [12]
  • Wound healing [13]


Enzymes are one of the main components of our biology. The human body wouldn’t exist without them. The natural anti-inflammatory enzyme is no exception. In clinical research, the serrapeptase enzyme is known by a collection of names, including serratiapeptase, serratia E-15 protease, serratia peptidase, and serralysin, but its purpose remains the same. Silk worm have give us serrapeptaseThe serrapeptase enzyme, was first found in the intestine of the silkworm in the late 1960s and was being used to dissolve its cocoon. In the human body, the health benefits of enzyme is known for its ability to dissolve and clear waste products and non-living tissue. Serrapeptase scar tissue treatment is one of the enzyme’s most popular and most widely reported uses. [2]

Serrapeptase: Is the anti-inflammatory enzyme safe?

After hearing the wonderful news of proven serrapeptase benefits, most users want to know more about side effects and dosage. Serrapeptase should be used under the care of a doctor where serious health concerns are present, like haemophilia. And yet:

Studies support taking serrapeptase to the equivalent of thousands of tablets, without any side effects reported:

  • Doctors with an understanding of nutritional therapy regularly prescribe serrapeptase over prescription drugs.
  • The tablet has wide clinical use throughout Europe and Asia that spans more than 50 years.

The exact therapy dosage depends on the health condition, though three capsules of maximum-strength are normally taken with good results. In many cases, the more taken, the better. Serrapeptase is 100 percent in safe high doses and can also be used to clear cysts, pain, inflammation, and other health problems in horses, dogs, and cats.

When looking for the best formula, look to buy:

At maximum-strength.
In a delayed-release capsule.
At a high dose.

Serrapeptase can also be taken alongside other protective nutrients in a super-formulation, like anti-inflammatory curcumin, immune-strengthening vitamin D3, or even brain-boosting nattokinase, to support healthy lungs, joints, heart and cholesterol, circulation, blood pressure, and mental function.

High Quality Example Formulations Include:

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Good Health Naturally Serra Enzyme 250,000iu Capsules
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Are there any Serrapeptase Side Effects?

The proteolytic enzyme, serrapeptase, is taken to ease inflammation. This particular protease is used as it effectively dissolves dead and swollen tissue.

I first published information to the internet in 2000, after a San Diego pioneer first educated me on its properties. I researched 23 studies on this compound, and started to prescribe it to clients who were exhibiting comparable symptoms. Dosages were in the order of 10,000IU for patients who were taking part in the early studies, but varying mega dosages were administered to other clients. Intake was progressively increased, and I soon found out that the studies were correct, as it was working as well as what was indicated, with superior results at higher doses. I am now 67 and have been taking as much as 240,000IU for the last 13 years on a daily basis. I am convinced that my excellent health is partly as a result of using this product.

Doctors and other individuals have released information to the internet community based on my findings. A concern is that these reports express opinions about serrapeptase side effects, but are not based on any real life experiences. With hundreds of thousands of clients that I have helped giving me feedback, as well as my own experiences with the product, my opinions are solely based on the feedback from these clients. There were two claims by a couple of doctors in Japan that serrapeptase had caused a lung infection. This has not been duplicated from hundreds of thousands of users in the past twenty years and all I can surmise is that they were mistaken. It is not the first time in my experience that doctors were mistaken.

Serrapeptase seems to be safe to use for adults and children when consumed orally. Taking it several times a week, and then stopping will allow an individual to accurately assess its effects or effectiveness. 99.9% of my clients, as well as my children and other family members, have all reported no side effects. Long term effects have not had any formal documentation.


If you are in search of information about serrapeptase then ensure that the health care professional is well educated in the field of enzymes and how they play an important part in overall health.

Quite a few of my clients, as well as my daughters, were taking serrapeptase during their pregnancies, as well as during breastfeeding. Serrapeptase has been highly effective in women who have endured scar tissue inside their fallopian tubes. They were all able to have healthy pregnancies and babies, while taking serrapeptase with other supplements and using a carb-free diet.

Excessive bleeding: 

There are warnings that point out that serrapeptase can stop blood from clotting and exacerbate bleeding problems. The majority of these warnings are stated by people who are not aware of how this substance produces its results. My findings indicate that it does not cause unusual bleeding and the only cases reported were those who already had problems, e.g. with nose bleeds.

Usage during surgery: 

My personal recommendation is to stop the intake at least 24 hours before a surgery and continue when 24 to 48 hours have passed. This can help clear up any scar tissue, and stop lesions and adhesions from occurring.

Digestive system: 

Taking any proteases with a poor digestive system may cause discomfort or pain in certain individuals. Ingesting with a half teaspoon of bicarbonate in your 500ml glass of water may help to alleviate this. If you do experience continued pain from digestive problems then email me personally, and I will send you a plan for your digestive recovery before you continue with the use of serrapeptase.

Interactions with other drugs: 

Serrapeptase is safe to use with all drugs as well as warfarin, statins and aspirin.


Scientific Studies That Provide Proof:

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Karen Snow
13 September 2020  |  9:50

Hi I'm taking probitoa histamine X for histamine intolerance. It fixed my gut. Then I added serrapeptase for spondylitis and head injury and damage from seizures with AMZINGLY RESULTS, except now I don't have those regular BMs anymore.
Are the two too much for my colon? They're histamine friendly probiotics. I backed off of my vitamin C from 5,000 to 1,000. I must start on Natterra, but want my gut function back