Krill Oil and benefits for heart health

26 September 2016  |  Editor

Omega 3 can reduce the risk of heart disease

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Higher levels of HDL (“Good”) cholesterol reduce the risk of heart disease. A recent study has shown that supplementation with Krill Oil can increase this “Good” cholesterol by 14% compared with just 3% using fish oils.

Furthermore, a reduction in triglycerides in the blood is also known to reduce the risks of heart disease and the study showed that supplementing with Cleanmarine® Krill Oil reduced triglycerides by 13% as opposed to 1% using fish oil.

(Ref: Ulven SM, Kirkhus B, Lamglait A, Basu S, Elind E, Haider T, berge K, Vik H and Pedersen JI Uptake and effects of krill oil supplement on serum lipids in healthy volunteers Lipids November 2010)
This is one of many studies which proves that the body needs less EPA & DHA from Krill Oil than from Fish Oils to achieve excellent results. When 120 patients were given Krill Oil (1g) or Fish Oil (3g) for 90 days, blood lipid changes were as follows:





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