How much vitamin D should I take

18 November 2015  |  Editor

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How much vitamin D?

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The current RDA for vitamin D is 200iu, although many are arguing for a much higher level of perhaps 5-10 times that amount. It is generally accepted that pregnant women and the elderly need more than the RDA.

The current suggested upper safety limit is 1000iu, although it is interesting to note that the skin will manufacture up to 20 times this amount from the sun before it will start using the UVB rays to destroy any surplus.
Classically there has been a concern that high levels of supplemental vitamin D may lead to hypercalcaemia and hypercalciuria, but again strong evidence is lacking. 

Reinhold Vieth writes in his review of the research, “Throughout my preparation of this review, I was amazed at the lack of evidence supporting statements about the toxicity of moderate doses of vitamin D.” He adds that “Vitamin D deficiency can mask primary hyperparathyroidism and this could account for the occasional cases of hypercalcemia that occur when large groups of elderly people are given vitamin D supplements.” 

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