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14 June 2016  |  Editor

Lyme disease cases have quadrupled

Growth in housing and climate change blamed for quadrupling of cases in little more than a decade.

Soaring numbers of people are suffering from the bacterial infection Lyme disease, according to new figures. The number of confirmed cases has quadrupled in just 12 years, NHS laboratory reports disclose, with more 1,100 people diagnosed in 2013, the most recent year for which numbers are available. Experts believe the increasing incidence of the condition, which can cause neurological damage and crushing fatigue, is down to factors including:

  • increasing numbers of housing developments in rural areas
  • changes in Britain’s climate, with warmer winters prolonging the lives of ticks which host the bacteria
  • immigration from countries in central and eastern Europe where the infection is more common
  • the bacteria is carried by infected ticks which are usually found in woodlands.

However, officials from Public Health England have admitted they cannot discount the theory that transmission through a blood transfusion could theoretically be possible, although they are not aware of any cases.

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