Help For Children Trying to Cope with Changed Situations

11 September 2019  |  Editor

Some children may need the help of this combination of flower essences.

Children can be become severely stressed by many changed situations in there lives.

These can include:

Moving House

Moving house into a new environment can be a strange experience. The upheaval, the possible stress to parents during the process and the possibility of starting a new school can all have an effect on children involved

The arrival of a new sibling

We've all heard the term "nose out of joint" when a new sister or brother arrives. Often the older child's behaviour changes, sometimes unnoticed by parents who need to concentrate on the new baby. The older child often feels left out and may not appreciate the new sibling as much as the parents do 

Issues at school or at home

When a child's behaviour is seen as attention seeking, overactive or they are bed-wetting, disruptive or under confident this can be a further sign of discontent or worry that the child cannot always elucidate to parents. This can be stressful to the child, who may well not understand what is happening and to the parents, whose reaction to it may itself cause stress in them; a message often subconsciously transmitted to the child.

When to use Jan de Vries Child Essence?

Some children may need the help of this combination of flower essences. This combination of the flower remedies has been put together to help the child to relax, be more stable, increase confidence and adjust to the situation they are in.


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