Supercharge your memory with Neuro Complex

8 June 2018  |  Editor

What did I come in here for?

Do you find yourself walking into a room and forgetting why you went there? Have you been struggling with poor concentration and brain fog? 

Most of us are juggling work, family life and other activities, so memory decline is the last thing we want!

BioCare Neuro Complex is an exciting synergistic combination of herbs such as rosemary, sage and saffron and nutrients including vitamin B5 and zinc to support nerve health and cognition.

It contains phosphatidyl serine, a natural component of nervous tissue. While most phosphatidyl serine is derived from soya, we use a unique PS Sharp extract, which is derived from sunflower lecithin, keeping it vegan and allergen free! 

Both Sage and Rosemary are highly concentrated extracts, providing higher and effective dosages. 

Presented in two easy to swallow capsules means you can take it when you need it. 

Neuro Complex - effective support for brain health, formulated by experts. See product details.