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6 July 2017  |  Editor
Smartphones have been blamed for a dramatic rise in head lice among schoolchildren

Smartphones have been blamed for a dramatic rise in head lice among schoolchildren because they encourage youngsters to gather round in groups, allowing the bugs to jump between heads. Should you be pre-armed with a natural solution?

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2 November 2016  |  Editor
Can this product help with Diffuse Hair Loss?

Chronic Telogen Effluvium (Diffuse Hair Loss), predominantly affects women but can also happen to men. It can be caused by a lack of certain nutrients or as a side effect of illnesses including anaemia and thyroid conditions. Another common trigger of this persistent hair loss condition is stress either as a result of sudden shock or trauma, including emotional stresses such as divorce or a bereavement or it can be due to prolonged stresses like pressure of work or family life. 

The condition displays as thinning hair all over the scalp and lasts for six months or more – in some cases this can appear gradually over a number of years. However, it can be treated.

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4 April 2016  |  Editor
Statins do cause muscle pain, scientists conclude

Statins really do cause painful muscle cramps, scientists have found, vindicating hundreds of thousands of people who have repeatedly claimed to have suffered debilitating side-effects.

Researchers say that alternative treatments are just as effective and should be prescribed to people who cannot tolerate the cholesterol-lowering drugs. Around 17.5 million people are currently eligible for statins in Britain meaning that most men over 60 and women over 65 are offered the drug by GPs. But many stop taking the pills within a year

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