Food Sources of Vitamin D

18 November 2015  |  Editor

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Natural food sources of vitamin D

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Food sources can provide moderate amounts, our main supply being in fish, eggs and mushrooms. For example, a cup of white mushrooms (raw or stir fried) would provide approximately 12.6iu vitamin D, and an egg will contain approximately twice this amount; oily fish will provide a better but varying amount depending on species, environment and whether it is raw, cooked or tinned. Interestingly one study showed wild salmon containing 1000iu per 3oz serving, while farmed salmon only contained 375iu.

It might be wise to also consider a good vitamin D supplement, especially during the colder months and for those more at risk of vitamin D deficiency, which includes the elderly, pregnant women and those who cover their skin for cultural reasons – and we might now extend that list to many of those with one of the conditions outlined below.

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