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17 March 2016  |  Editor
Spirulina & Chlorella Crowned as Superfoods!

Food fashions come and go but certain products gain a reputation for excellence.  So what are the real benefits of these so-called ‘superfoods’, and why are they so important?

Superfoods gain the title because of their high levels of nutrients contained in their natural unprocessed state.  They tend to be easy to eat too, requiring little or no cooking or preparation. 

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2 September 2015  |  Editor
​Why Supplement Quality Matters

There is Much more to producing quality, effective supplements than you might think. Those who buy store brand supplements at the lowest price are almost certainly wasting their money because the ingredients may be of poor quality and so might be the manufacturing process. The ingredients might also not react properly with each other. You get what you pay for - or even less!!

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3 May 2015  |  Editor
10 Best Foods and 10 Worst Foods

Here's a list of 10 of the best, most healthy foods you can eat together with 10 of the worst.

Thank goodness there's room for the odd indiscretion!!!

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