Don't let commercial nasal sprays block you up

11 September 2018  |  Editor

Decongestant nasal sprays used for more than a couple of days, are likely to cause what’s called a rebound effect so that you end up with more congestion than when you started. There is a danger that you then start using it more often, making the problem worse and worse. If you have used these sprays for any extended period of time you will know only too well that it can become almost as addictive as smoking as it is difficult to face up the the nasal congestion you're likely to suffer if you stop using them.

That is because nasal sprays shrink the blood vessels inside your nose. Overusing a decongestant nasal spray can lead to chronic nasal congestion which may need to be treated with steroid nose sprays.

Of course, you could use the much more traditional method of making a salt solution. There is no doubt that salt (saline) solutions are one of the most effective traditional remedies for many oral, skin and nasal conditions. Indeed, many doctors still suggest that it may the best remedy for such conditions, providing they are minor and do not require more sophisticated solutions to the problem.

But may people find administering salt solutions to the nose unpleasant and it is certainly not easy to administer to young children, who often suffer from nasal congestion and do not understand the concept of blowing the nose and consequently sniff up the congestion and swallow it. All parents have been through a period of constantly wiping the nose of their young children.

That's why A Vogel produce Sinuforce, which relieves nasal congestion and catarrh AND can be used for a much longer period without any of the "rebound" effects common with the overuse of commercial nasal sprays.

What's more, Sinuforce is made of 100% natural ingredients and can be used for children too, providing they are over age 2.

Read more about Sinuforce here.

Just a note about A Vogel products before you go:

Natural, eco-friendly cultivation is at the heart of Vogel's business. They use fresh plants largely grown on their own farms and take a particular interest in environmental issues. This means you can reply on the quality of the products.

You might also be interested to know that using fresh herbs can produce much more powerful and effective products. Many other brands used dried herbs in the manufacturing process: these are not usually as effective and there can be doubt about the origin and/or quality of the raw materials used.