COVID 19: Stock and Delivery Issues

Sunday, 29 March 2020  |  Editor

Ordering issues resulting from COVID 19 Virus

As you may be aware if you have tried to order supplements, vitamins and minerals recently, we have not been accepting new orders at

We want to explain the reasons for this and what we are doing about it. Below you will see the reasons for our action; below that, what we are doing about it.


What are the problems?

A massive increase in demand

With many people self-isolating to protect themselves from the virus people have turned heavily to online ordering instead of visiting high street retail outlets. This had led to overwhelming demand for internet services and online shops.

Protecting health

Near the top of this increased demand has been customers deciding to purchase supplements, vitamins and minerals in order to bolster their health and help protect against the virus. This has been particularly noticeable with supplements designed to bolster the immune system.

Lack of stock

All of our suppliers have struggled to keep up with demand, most of them working 24 hours a day to keep up with the demand for their products. This has resulted in:

lack of stock because suppliers cannot restock fast enough
Delays due to the need to increase manufacturing to meet demand
Suppliers and ourselves needing to follow correct practices meaning self-isolation and social distancing that have inevitably led to reduced staffing levels
Delays in supplying retailers such as ourselves with stock
Orders being received by us that we cannot immediately satisfy.

Delivery Service Delays

Delivery services such as UK Royal Mail and couriers such as DPD are finding that increased demand as significantly slowed down their services.

Embargos in some countries

Due to border restrictions, some countries are not accepting deliveries from other countries.

What are we doing about it?

We have been working hard to resolve these issues. This has required constant liaison with our suppliers.

Suppliers are keeping us updated with regard to:

  • supplies available
  • out of stock situations
  • restocking
  • delivery time scales

These vary from supplier to supplier; brand to brand.

Suppliers and starting to catch up and we are keeping a close eye on progress. As this happens we will be bringing more and more products back online and available. This will be a gradual process and we will keep you advised as progress is made.

Delays in delivering your order

We normally suggest a timescale for dispatch in the UK between 1 and 2 days plus the time taken for delivery services to deliver to you. Where products are available this is closer to 10 days in the UK in total at present. For orders being delivered outside the UK this is likely to be nearer 10-15 days where stock is currently available, providing that the order can be sent to *|COUNTRY|*. Where stock is not available we try to keep a close eye on the supplier's expected date for restocking. At the moment we are not selling any products not yet back in stock.

We will keep you advised as the situation improves but please bear with us during these difficult times.

Most importantly, keep well and do follow the rules and restrictions laid down by your government. These are vital to minimize the spread of the virus and the consequences of it.

Please support the health services in your country. We owe them all a deep sense of gratitude for what they are doing and the additional sacrifices they are all making to keep the rest of us as safe as possible.