CoQ10 Reduces Need For High Blood Pressure Medication

15 May 2015  |  Editor

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CoQ10 and high blood pressure

Coenzyme Q10, particularly in its most active form of ubiquinol, has been shown to help substantially reduce high blood pressure in patients with hypertension.

A group of researchers wanted to test CoQ10 with hypertension, and so took 109 patients with high blood pressure and started adding coenzyme Q10 to their prescription on top of their antihypertensive medication. The trial was so successful that patients were needing to reduce their blood pressure medication within 1-6 months of starting CoQ10 therapy, and over half of them came off their medication altogether.

The significant improvements in symptoms that were displayed included improved systolic and diasystolic blood pressure and a thickening of the left ventricle wall.

In addition, a recent laboratory study on rats with kidney disease demonstrated that where a high salt diet increased blood pressure, ubiquinol therapy reduced it.2It is only unfortunate that this kind of information is gleaned from animal studies rather than human studies.

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