CleanMarine Krill Oil Testimonials from women

26 November 2015  |  Editor

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Cleanmarine Krill Oil Testimonials

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Cleanmarine Krill Oil for Women is a specially formulated blend of ultra effective Omega 3 phospholipids from krill combined with soy isoflavones and key vitamins.

Exciting new studies indicate that Cleanmarine Krill Oil for Women can help reduce the physical and psychological symptoms of PMS, thanks to its unique formulation of krill oil, added vitamins and phytonutrients. It contains soy isoflavones, which are similar to oestrogen on a cellular level and Vitamin D3, the sunshine vitamin - known for sustaining life, building strong bones and modulating the immune system.

Added vitamins B1, B2 and B6 help in countless ways to support a healthy nervous system and keep your energy levels in check. And of course, krill oil itself brings all the goodness of omega 3 fatty acids whose many talents include lifting mood and aiding concentration.


I have been using Cleanmarine Krill Oil for Women for three months now and the results have been amazing. I was suffering badly with hot flushes (living in front of a fan mostly!), my skin was bad and the mood swings.....!

Within 3 weeks of taking the supplement (2 capsules a day) the hot flushes had all but disappeared. I could get a decent nights sleep again and the fan was hardly on. 

My skin has improved, as has my hair. I have more energy and generally feel better in myself. My moods have evened out too.

I have recommended this product to all my friends going through the menopause, its been a life-saver for me. I cannot live without it.

Monie (Nov 15)

I have suffered from Breast Cancer since last December so my immune system and my tired levels were virtually nil.  I had fatigue where I would have to go to sleep every afternoon for at least 4 hours.  Generally my skin, my nails, and hair all suffered.  I had aches and pains and my joints hurt.

Then I took a course of Cleanmarine Krill capsules. What a difference they made! 

Within a week I began to feel the difference.  My skin and hair improved immensely, and I felt happier in myself. My mood swings began to disappear and my fatigue was a lot more manageable.  I no longer need to sleep during the day, I don't feel bloated either, and Cleanmarine is easy on the stomach.

Another side effect with my cancer treatment was memory loss.  I would start to forget lots of little things which would then make me frustrated and moody.  This again, soon stopped after my course of Cleanmarine. My memory came back and so my moodiness diminished.

I now take these regularly as they help me get on with my life and I feel so much happier and healthy.

Gail (Nov 15)

Cleanmarine is an excellent product and I thoroughly recommend it.  It is so easy to take and you just swallow the capsules and unlike some other fish oils there is no fishy taste of the krill afterwards.  It is very pleasant to take.

It really works.  I felt less tired than I did before taking it and it definitely helped with menopausal symptoms.  I was so impressed with the product.  It is a 5 star product.  I was also less irritable than usual - I usually find that any little mistake really winds me up but I found that I could cope better than usual and also stressful things didn't seem so stressful.

Being a natural product also meant that it couldn't do me any harm and had no side effects unlike some medicines.

Sheila (Nov 15)

After taking Krill Oil capsules for three weeks I noticed that instead of waking throughout the night because of hot sweats and restless leg syndrome, I was actually sleeping much better and although still having sweats they were not so intense or regular.  Also the restless leg problem seems to have gone altogether! 

Instead of feeling tired and fatigued all the time, I now have much more energy and feel more alert and not so forgetful.  I definitely feel less anxious and can relax more, also my moods do not swing from one extreme to another.

I believe this Krill Oil to be the best form of Omega 3 supplement, I like the fact that it is totally natural and ethically fished in the wild, also it is easy to swallow and leaves no fishy after-taste. 

So pleased I have found this product - it really has made a huge difference to my life and I would recommend it to other women who suffer from similar symptoms of menopause. 

Jeanette (Nov 15)

When I first started taking the Krill Oil tablets not a lot changed, however I persevered and I continued with my sage tablets at the same time.  

I then went on to the second 30 days of tablets and during this period my sage tablets ran out.  I was unsure what to do, whether I should replenish my stock or just carry on with the Krill oil; I decided not to replenish my sage tablets and to just take the Krill oil – at this point the hot sweats were starting to become more intense.  

I then commenced with the last 30 days of Krill oil and all of a sudden the hot sweats started to reduce, noticeably – this was excellent.  I even managed an undisturbed night’s sleep!  A week or so passed and again the hot sweats reduced even further; I would go a day without experiencing any symptoms at all and again sleeping through the night.  

I continue to use the product daily as prescribed ie two tablets a day and I am enjoying a huge reduction in hot sweats and sleeping through the night.  I can confess to experiencing mild hot sweats but this is at certain times of the month when perhaps I would menstruate previously.  I am thrilled with the product and will continue to take it.  The Cleanmarine Krill oil has most definitely reduced / removed my symptoms of menopause.

Danielle (Nov 15)

Omega 3 Krill Oil for women with vitamin D3, Soy Isoflavones and Vitamins B1,B2 and B5. They come in a blistered pack of 60 capsules. No fishy odour leaks from the pack, however when you open the foil the fishy smell is pretty unpleasant. If you touched them your fingers smelt of them which wasn’t nice. I got round this problem by picking them out of the foil with a tissue. There was no fishy tasty on taking them or an aftertaste. I did occasionally get a salty aftertaste which was particularly pleasant.

I was taking these for a month before I really noticed any positive effect to my menopausal symptoms. They did considerably reduce the hot sweats I was experiencing during the day and a little at night, although I did still suffer from these. They really helped reduce my joint pains in my arms and legs which was a very big positive. My skin also didn’t feel so itchy either. I didn’t suffer from tiredness or lack of energy and feel this was probably down to this product too. 

This is definitely a good product to use and I would give in a 4.5 rating.

I am not taking these tablets now and have started to get my symptoms back so seriously thinking I am going to start buying these for myself if my current herbal tablets don’t get it under control shortly.

Chris (Nov 15)

After having taken these for 3 months I can definately say that it has really noticeably improved both my skin & my hair. My skin is clearer & less dull & my hair is thicker & in better condition. I have also found that it has an impact on things like irritability, water retention, bloating & stress. 

The best thing about it though is that I have generally felt much less tired & have had lots more energy. 
These are not a miracle cure but they do make PMS or menopause more bearable. 

Sara (Nov 15)

The tablets were pleasant and easy to swallow and there was no fishy after-taste after taking them. It is so much easier to take a supplement which combines Omega 3 with all the necessary vitamins included for women of all ages and especially suited for women experiencing symptoms of the menopause.

At the end of testing them I have found they helped with my insomnia and fatigue. I feel more uplifted to get up and go.  They have also helped to maintain healthy looking skin although noticeable benefits are probably more visible with continued use.

They certainly helped to overcome tiredness so I was feeling active and this was noticeable after a few weeks of taking them. My joints and body feel flexible.

However I personally did not find they helped in improving the loss of  libido.  I am hoping that with continued intake of Krill Oil will help.  Furthermore, taking them did not help in forgetfulness. I still experienced moments of frustration because of not remembering.

Overall they have certainly helped boost my general health anf wellbeing.

Caroline (Nov 15)