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The quality of your children's diet is vital in supplying a healthy and optimal development. Thease articles help you decide and think about what to add.

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11 September 2019  |  Editor
Help For Children Trying to Cope with Changed Situations

Some children may need the help of this combination of flower essences. Many find it useful for children trying to cope with changing situations such as moving house, arrival of a new sibling, issues at school or at home when their behaviour during these times may be seen as attention seeking, overactive, bed-wetting, disruptive or under confident.

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19 September 2018  |  Editor
Anti-ageing or Healthy Ageing?

Healthy ageing? it's something that starts even before birth, and yet we may not notice it's lacking until it's too late.

Our start in life determines how well we age.FROM THE MOUTH OF BABES: POOR NUTRITION AT BIRTH CAN CAUSE AN UNHEALTHY OLD AGE We're living longer (an extra seven years based on the life expectancy increase over the last 100 years for 65-year-olds), but there's a simple reason most of our population is not living better.

As we grow older, millions of us face disease, disability and premature death because we've run out of the genetic power we need to reach a healthy old age.

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19 August 2018  |  Editor
Supporting Children's learning through movement and nutrition

With the new academic year approaching, you have probably been starting to think about how best to help support your child, physically and emotionally in order to embrace their new challenges; whether you are a parent, teacher, childminder or support worker.

With this in mind, we would really like to discuss children’s brain development and how best to support those children who are not ‘meeting expectation’ or ‘exceeding expectation’ with the cost of anxiety and behavioural changes.

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12 November 2017  |  Editor
Did you know you should give under-fives vitamin tablets?

Children between the age of six months and five years should take vitamin A, C and D supplements, government advice says - do you find this surprising?

If you do, it seems you're not alone.

Researchers in Wales found only 30% of parents and carers said they had ever been given advice by a health professional about giving young children vitamin supplements.

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17 September 2017  |  Editor
Great new Omega product for kids

Eskimo Bright Kids Jelly Splats is Nutri's exciting new omega-3 fish oil designed specifically for kids. Each jelly tab, or ‘splat’ tastes great, is easy to take and provides 250mg of DHA which supports healthy brain function.

Nutri know that it can be difficult to get our kids to eat enough fish which is why we designed a fuss-free alternative (they should do, they already have the famous Eskimo Kids amongst their premier products). In tests, 80% of kids were still voluntarily taking jelly splats daily after 15 weeks! And as well as being made of 100% pure fish oil, our jelly splats are naturally flavoured with no artificial flavourings or sweeteners, and are sugar-free too.

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17 August 2017  |  Editor
Great new children supplement from BioCare - Red Berry Melts

A unique all-in-one formula that children will love to take every day! It contains 3 billion multi-strain live bacteria powder, along with 300iu of vitamin D which contributes to the normal function of the immune system in children and is suitable for daily use, all year round. 

The individual stick sachets contain well-studied live bacteria strains Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG and Bifidobacterium lactis, specifically selected for their clinical evidence and stability and are guaranteed 3 billion potency per sachet until the end of shelf life - with no need for refrigeration. 

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4 February 2017  |  Editor
Child asthma - can supplements help?

1 in 11 children and 1 in 12 adults suffer from asthma in the UK, with on average 3 deaths per day from the disease. It has become much more common to see children and adults dependent on inhalers usually containing dilator medication or anti-inflammatory steroids to help keep them breathing and alive. But can supplements help?

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24 November 2016  |  Editor
Link Between Probiotics and Respiratory Health

It is estimated that the most common reason for absenteeism among school children is due to sickness. Increasing evidence has supported the notion that probiotics may help in reducing the duration of coughs and colds. The Pro-Child study explores this evidence further, with surprising results.

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18 April 2016  |  Editor
Choline Supplements in Pregnancy Improve the memory of Offspring

A Spanish study has shown how supplementing with the B vitamin choline during pregnancy leads to offspring with a better memory.

A research team from the University of Granada compared the offspring of rats who were either supplemented with or deprived of choline during pregnancy, plus a control group on a standard diet.

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17 April 2016  |  Editor
Dangerously poor nutrition in UK is an increasing concern in children

Malnutrition-related illnesses ranging from rickets to obesity are on the rise in our nation’s children, and the Faculty of Public Health believe poverty is a major factor. The public health professionals’ body is calling for a national food policy, including a living wage to help parents afford to feed their children, and a “sugar tax” to guide them towards better food choices.

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