Vitamin B

21 April 2018  |  Editor
Is stress depleting your energy? Learn how to regain it.

Are your energy levels all over the place? Are you tired when you should be alert, such as upon waking or during the afternoon?

Many factors can impact energy levels, such as thyroid dysfunction, chronic fatigue syndrome and adrenal fatigue, resulting in prolonged fatigue. Here are some key energy-depletors that you can address:

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11 September 2017  |  Editor
B Vitamins Reverse DNA Damage From Air Pollution

Air pollution is becoming recognised as one of the world’s biggest health challenges, responsible for heart disease and other chronic problems.

High doses of the vitamin could “completely offset” the damage to our DNA caused by pollution from cars — and especially diesel cars, wood-burning stoves and industrial processes, say scientists.

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4 August 2017  |  Editor
The 5 Best Vitamins for Energy & Tiredness

Despite the best marketing efforts of a huge drinks company, energy is not something you can buy in a can. Energy is actually something that your body makes. You supply the raw ingredients (aka food) and your body quickly gets to work on the complicated process of making energy. Since your body needs energy for lots of everyday functions, not just to move, but to digest food, even to think and much more, itís crucial that this process is well supported and thatís where a bit of know-how comes in handy.

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