Bone Health Preserved by Potassium

26 February 2016  |  Editor

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Potassium and bone health

The beneficial effects of potassium have again been demonstrated in a new study highlighting its positive effects on bone health. 

The research published in ‘Osteoporosis International’ showed how supplementation with potassium salts lowered calcium and acid excretion and reduced bone resorption – the rate at which bones are broken down and taken into the bloodstream.

Lead author Dr Helen Lambert commented:

“Excess acid in the body, produced as a result of a typical Western diet high in animal and cereal protein, causes bones to weaken and fracture.  Our study shows that these salts could prevent osteoporosis, as our results showed a decrease in bone resorption.”

Potassium is one of many nutrients needed for optimal bone health yet is sadly deficient in diets high in processed foods.  These sodium-rich foods displace any potassium that may be found, further deepening mineral imbalances in the body.

Part of the naturopathic nutritional approach to bone diseases is to switch to an alkalising diet that supplies ample amounts of potassium and lower levels of sodium.  Dark green leafy vegetables are particularly potassium friendly and also supply a wealth of B-vitamins and minerals including magnesium - another bone building nutrient. 

For a concentrated shot of alkalising nutrients consider incorporating a super-green powder such as spirulina into smoothies, snacks and meals.  The high content of chlorophyll and magnesium as well as potassium and trace minerals makes spirulina ideal for supporting balanced pH levels.