Bone Health Issues

19 November 2018  |  Editor

Our bones are are not the hard, dry skeletons that think. They are living tissue that is constantly being broken down and reconstructed, requiring minerals to carry this out effectively. As we age, there is an increasing risk of osteoporosis. 

Could your calcium and vitamin D tablets be increasing the risk of stroke and kidney stones

Millions of UK adults supplement regularly with calcium and vitamin D in the hope of preventing bone diseases such as osteoporosis, yet recent research has called these supplements into question.


Bone Health Preserved by Potassium

The beneficial effects of potassium have again been demonstrated in a new study highlighting its positive effects on bone health. 


Low vitamin E linked to increased risk of bone fracture

Results of two large scale studies in Sweden have confirmed the link between vitamin E intake and rate of bone fractures.


Bromelain: the digestive enzyme with anti-inflammatory properties for joint pain