BioCare Winter Essential Supplements

15 November 2015  |  Editor

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Winter Essentials for the Whole Family!


BioCare have winter wrapped up with their winter essentials range. 


You’ll find everything you need, from high potency liquid vitamin D and elderberry complex to a range of vitamin C products and immune complexes here.


You can also create your own natural first aid kit:


If illness does strike, keep your own natural first aid kit at home.

As well as key supplements, keep a supply of:

Coconut Water

For times of diarrhoea and dehydration. For children, make coconut water ice cubes or ice lollies mixed with apple juice.

Bone Broth

Used in homemade tomato or chicken noodle soup. You can buy a good quality one for times of emergency, or boil up a batch using the leftover bones from a roast chicken and freeze for later.

Manuka Honey

Mix with lemon juice (and fresh crushed garlic if tolerated) in times of sore throat, tummy bug or colds.

Porridge Oats

A gentle meal for a poorly tummy or for a returning appetite.