Best Vitamins and Minerals to Take for Knees and Joints

25 October 2017  |  Editor

Best Vitamins and Minerals to Take for Knees and Joints

Article by guest blogger Mathew Foster.



Unhealthy joints can cause a host of problems. And they can be very debilitating even up to the point that you have to start using knee pads or other accessories that provide knee support to be able to walk or do other everyday activities. Which is why you need to take care of your joints and knees and try to prevent any problems from occurring in the first place. One of the ways in which you can do this is through the consumption of the right vitamins and minerals.

Which vitamins and minerals can help knee and joint health?

There are a number of different vitamins and minerals that can help when it comes to maintaining the health of your knees and joints. You can incorporate certain foods into your diet that are rich in these minerals and vitamins and, if necessary, you can also take natural supplements to help boost your intake of them. Some of the vitamins and minerals that are helpful for knees and joints are:

Fish Oils: 

Fish oil plays an important part in the health of your joints. This is because it is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are crucial when it comes to supporting the joints and keeping them healthy. In addition, fish oil is also good for your skin and your heart, so you can enjoy multiple benefits from increasing your fish oil intake. And no matter if you do that via food or fish oil supplements, the benefits are undeniable. See fish oils supplements here.


Calcium is linked to strong bones and teeth. Yet, it also plays a part in the health of your joints. Calcium is able to help reduce inflammation in the joints and even ease pain stemming from joint problems. And it is thought to be especially effective when it comes to the health of your knees. You will find that dairy products are rich in calcium, so add these to your diet. Or you can also just get calcium pills if you want to take supplements to increase your calcium intake. See calcium supplements here.

Vitamin D: 

Another vitamin that is associated with knee and joint health is vitamin D. And those with vitamin D deficiency are more likely to experience problems when it comes to their bones and joints. You can get vitamin D in a number of ways such as from sunlight or from supplements. You can also eat foods that are rich in this vitamin and add them to your diet, because it will also boost your immune system and your overall health. See vitamin D supplements here.


This is a nutrient that can help to prevent wear and tear of your knees, therefore it can be especially useful when it comes to knee health. It can also help to rebuild bones and to reduce inflammation of the joints. Additionally, taking glucosamine supplements is also a good idea for older people with joint problems, because the levels of glucosamine in the body reduce with age. See Glucosamine Supplements here.


Lastly, chondroitin is a nutrient that often works alongside glucosamine in order to help rebuild bone and protect the knee cartilage. It has also been shown to slow down the onset and progression of osteoarthritis, making it a good supplement for older people with this condition.

So there you have it, some of the best nutrients that will help to keep your knees healthy and joints from aching. All of these nutrients and vitamins will be valuable in helping you prevent joint problems and ease pain if you are already experiencing them. See Chondroitin supplements here.

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