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4 June 2020  |  Editor
Pollinosan non-drowsy, herbal hayfever support

Tablets for relief of hayfever and allergic rhinitis. Non-drowsy. Pollinosan Hayfever tablets are made from 7 tropical herbs potentised using a traditional method.

  • Hayfever remedy
  • May also be used for allergic rhinitis
  • Non-drowsy - does not affect ability to drive or use machines
  • Can be used with other hayfever remedies
  • No restriction on use with asthma
  • Suitable for children over 12 years
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1 Comment14 June 2019  |  Editor
The herbal way to deal with hey fever

Do you have hey fever? Do you keep sneezing? Do you have a runny nose? Do you have itchy eyes? Do you wonder if you are getting a cold but these symptoms persist but never seem to develop into a cold

There's a fair chance you are suffering from he fever. There are many cures on the market; usually anti-histamines, easily available from your pharmacist but some of them can make you feel drowsy. There are other side effects for certain people with particular medical conditions such as kidney problems.

This is why a natural herbal remedy can often be the best, "First" option.



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4 April 2019  |  Editor
The Hayfever Season Is Upon Us! What can I do?

As we enter spring, all sufferers will probably agree that the hay fever season has arrived with a bang this year. For many, symptoms have appeared much earlier as a result of milder temperatures and soaring pollen levels.

Sufferers are struggling to manage their tricky allergic symptoms

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1 Comment5 November 2015
List of wheat, dairy, yeast and sugar free foods

Wheat contains gluten which, when wet, is a sticky glue-like substance, which often plays havoc with the digestion and absorption of nutrients. It encourages the growth of unfriendly bacteria which are responsible for producing toxic substances and gas. Constipation,diarrhoea, bloatedness, indigestion, flatulence and wind are all problems that benefit from the removal of wheat from the diet.

This article shows some of the offending food stuffs and the alternatives free of wheat, dairy products, yeast and sugar.

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