16 June 2021  |  Editor
Oily Fish could help beat severe depression

Fatty acids found in oily fish could be used to help to reduce symptoms of severe depression, research suggests.

A study led by Kingís College London showed for the first time that when omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (Pufas) are given to patients with depression there is an improvement in symptoms.

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5 April 2019  |  Editor
Low Mood? Stressed, irritated, worried, anxious, cannot sleep?

Have you ever thought that there are many types of low mood?

You might be Feeling stressed and irritated, worried and anxious, tired of not sleeping.

But there is a remedy to help you thanks to A Vogel. The secret can be quite simply, like keeping your water intake up, going for a walk or eating earlier in the vending of you have sleeping problems.

Still, you may need a little extra help but you might not want to take pharmaceutical medication, so is there any alternative? 

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17 April 2018  |  Editor
How a healthy gut can improve many apparently unconnected health issues

Have you ever heard of Microbiome Gut Brain Axis? Maybe not: most people haven't. But perhaps you should. If you have digestive issues (e.g. bloating, food sensitivities), alongside depression, anxiety, autism, or a neurodegenerative condition such as multiple sclerosis (MS), you need to know about the 'Microbiome Gut Brain (MGB) Axis' and what might help

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28 December 2016  |  Editor
Can Nutrition Help S.A.D?

As daylight hours shorten and the temperature starts to cool, itís fairly normal to occasionally feel a bit glum and sluggish. However for some people, a feeling of dread can accompany the onset of autumn and winter. For S.A.D. sufferers, the changing seasons can also bring about a significant change in mood and for many, this can involve feelings of anxiety and despair debilitating enough to affect normal daily functioning.

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15 October 2016  |  Editor
Does the weather play with your mind?

​It is easy to feel happy and uplifted by a bright sunny day, just as a dark and gloomy day can worsen lethargy and fatigue.  Our relationship with the environment is complex, and scientists are still unravelling the mysteries between our moods and the weather.

Some research shows people are more likely to feel generous and altruistic on sunny warm days – even hitchhikers are more likely to catch a lift when the sun is out compared to cloudy days!

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27 August 2016  |  Editor
How Inflammation Can Cause Depression

Depression is merely caused by a deficiency in brain chemicals, or so doctors would have us believe. Yet a new study by Cambridge University in the United Kingdom is showing that inflammation can induce behavioural changes similar to depression. This includes symptoms including fatigue, difficulties concentrating, a lack of motivation and reduced sense of pleasure.

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