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About BioCare Health Supplements Quality

BioCare is one of the leading supplement brands in the United Kingdom and has been supplying professional quality nutritional supplements to healthcare professionals and the public for over 30 years.

BioCare Quality

BioCare uses the highest grade of ingredients to ensure their supplements are as effective as possible. BioCare health supplements are then manufactured using processes that ensure quality is not and that the supplements are safe and within standards set by sports and customer organizations 

For example, Biocare Sports and Exercise health supplements are independently tested to ensure they meet the standards required by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) for athletes. 

Another important issue is bioavailability, in other words, it is important that nutrients can be absorbed and used as easily as possible by the body. BioCare ensures they use nutrients that are easily absorbed by the body in their nutritional supplements designed for specific nutritional needs.

There are no unnecessary additives and allergens so Biocare health supplements are not allergenic and are suited to the most sensitive individuals.

BioCare also ensures that they provide flexible forms of nutrient to suit any situation: capsules, liquids, powders, oils and sachets. This is important as many people cannot take tablets and capsules.

See more important details about BioCare and and the quality of its health supplements below the product listing.

BioCare Probiotics

Biocare Probiotics to help you maintain a healthy gut.


High-quality Research and Design at BioCare

It is not enough to use the finest ingredients and manufacturing techniques in order to producde effective supplements. BioCare health supplements are based on the latest research and clinical practice and, importantly, they work closely with leading practitioners and scientists.

Product production at BioCare

By using unique, state-of-the-art product technologies, including BioMulsion and MicroCellwhich clinically-proven superior absorption and DuoCap® technology. This allows BioCare to remove unneeded ingredients and so, maximizes the effectiveness of the supplements.

Support from Biocare

BioCare provides highly professional educational and product support for health practitioners and approved retailers, including seminars and live monthly webinars. BioCare has a team of Health supplement product consultants delivering the highest quality training and support in-store, and a team of qualified Nutritional Therapists. is a BioCare Approved Recommender.

Biocare Approved Recommenders are the only organizations allowed to buy Biocare health supplement products direct from BioCare. To become approved with BioCare, retailers must undergo checks about process and storage. There are very few BioCare Approved Recommenders in the UK.

This means that Biocare can ensure the quality of its products. Biocare health supplements purchased from BioCare Approved Recommenders are never out of date, badly stored or inappropriate for your needs.

Biocare approved Recommenders MUST only sell through their own accredited websites.

BioCare Approved Recommenders are not allowed by Biocare to sell through Amazon or eBay. This is because these platforms are not properly policed. Any unqualified individual can open an account on these platforms without being tested by BioCare as to supplements quality, storage or even that they are genuine.

Indeed, there have even been cases of the resale of stock obtained fraudulently and resold.

This is a vital rule of Biocare. For example BioCare probiotics must be stored carefully and BioCare Approved Recommenders are the only organizations checked by Biocare to ensure that this is the case.

All BioCare multivitamins and minerals are all of the highest quality, highly favoured by nutritional professionals

Health supplements for all

Biocare realize that child nutrition is vital.

Diets are not always as good as they need to be. The busy life of parents cannot always supply ideal food for themselves or for their children.

Also, the growth of poorly manufactured "junk" food. Stress is also unhelpful.

In addition, many of today's foodstuffs are grown using pesticides, bred to make them more flavoursome but ending up less nutritious.

In particular, many foods lack roughage.

This is important because roughage feed important "good" gut bacteria to combat "bad" bacteria. Without this, health can be severely compromised. So Biocare have a complete range of probiotics and prebiotic health supplements for both adults. The prebiotic health supplement, F.O.S supports the growth of good bacteria (probiotics).

There is a complete range of Biocare Childrens supplements.

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