Bee Health Pollen 500mg 100 Capsules

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Bee Health
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Bee Health

Bee Health Pure Bee Pollen is a natural wellness supplement designed to fortify your immune system and help cope with high pollen counts. Known as nature's most comprehensive food source, bee pollen stands as a testament to the honey bee's incredible contribution to human health and vitality over the centuries.

Honey bees collect pollen in microscopic quantities and bring it back to the hive as sustenance, enhancing it by adding a touch of nectar. The resulting bee pollen has a complex composition, which the ancients hailed as the 'life-giving dust' and 'ambrosia' for its profound health benefits.

Key Features:

  • Pure Bee Pollen, designed to support your immune system and help manage high pollen counts.

  • Celebrated as nature's most complete food, offering a range of nutrients.

  • A remarkable product sourced from the diligent honey bee.

  • Bees enrich collected pollen with a small addition of nectar, enhancing its health benefits.

  • Boasts an extremely complex composition, brimming with natural goodness.

  • Hailed as 'life-giving dust' and 'ambrosia' by the ancients, highlighting its potent health benefits.

Directions of Use

Take 1 to 3 capsules a day as a food supplement.


Pure Bee Pollen in a gelatine capsule.

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