Active Edge

The Winning Choice for Health & Sports Performance Supplements

Active Edge offers a range of 100% natural products with a variety of well-being benefits backed by scientific research. Consumers can get the active edge by simply incorporating their products into their daily routines.

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Active Edge Blueberry Active Concentrate
Active Edge Blueberry Active Concentrate
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Active Edge CherryActive Capsules
Active Edge CherryActive Capsules
£10.99  -  £19.99
Active Edge CherryActive Concentrate
Active Edge CherryActive Concentrate
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Who is Active Edge for?

Active Edge is a sporty brand designed for the modern lifestyle. Their loyal consumers include a host of international and premiership rugby, football and cricket teams, olympians and other high profile athletes. Many of these customers swear by Active Edge for:

Brain health.
Blood pressure.
Cognitive function.
Healthy sleep patterns.
Gout & arthritis joint pain.
Sports endurance, training & recovery.

Who founded Active Edge?

It was founded in January 2006 by John Carey, a successful finance manager who had been seriously troubled by the painful symptoms of gout. John was a premature baby with damaged kidneys that had unfortunately made him susceptible to gout. He was troubled by the on/off symptoms of gout for many months, which stunted his active lifestyle outside of the office. A business trip to the US however soon changed all this. John visited a cherry farm in Michigan on the advice of an American colleague and started taking the juice from recently pressed cherries. The next day his gout pain had totally subsided. On his return to the UK, he was unable to purchase this type of cherry juice, so began importing the juice as a thick concentrate from the American cherry farmer he previously met with. John decided to quit his job and started trading under the name of CherryActive. His newly founded business was an instant success with sales taken via health stores and his own website. In 2008, John introduced his product to the London Irish Rugby team, who trained nearby. Their players noted benefits in training and recovery and word spread fast around the professional sport community of John’s CherryActive products. Soon after, more rugby teams wanted CherryActive incorporated into their own players’ diets. After various studies by some of the country’s leading academic institutions demonstrated CherryActive's ability to improve sleep patterns and reduce inflammation, the company was in full swing, and in demand with more than just rugby professionals. Soon, football players, athletes and even Olympic medal winning track & field stars had noted CherryActive's benefits. The brand was renamed as Active Edge in 2017 with three more super juices added to the company’s line up.

What do they produce?

They produce a range of plant-based nutritional products that provide an evidence-backed boost to health and athletic performance. These products are carefully manufactured, using the finest plant-based ingredients and avoiding excessive heat, preservatives and other chemicals, to protect their nutrients and taste. The range now includes CherryActive, BeetActive and BlueberryActive.