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Acne is an inflammatory skin disorder which most commonly affects teenage boys and girls, when androgens increase in both sexes and cause an overproduction of sebum & keratin.

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What Causes acne?

It tends to occur when the pores of the skin become blocked with oil, bacteria or dead skin cells. Each skin pore opens out into a follicle, which consists of hair and a sebaceous gland. This gland releases a type of oil known as sebum, which moves out of the pore via the hair and onto your skin.

What vitamin deficiency can cause acne?

A vitamin A deficiency may cause over-keratinisation of the skin cells, which could see the pores become blocked. Vitamins E and B3 may help to expel toxins through the skin, heal acne wounds, and prevent scarring respectively.

Does acne go away naturally?

In most cases, yes. Acne should naturally disappear at the end of puberty. Some adults however, will still struggle with acne in periods of their life. In any case, almost all types of acne can be treated successfully with the right treatment.

How long does it take to clear acne?

Regardless of what you choose to use upon your skin, all acne treatments require time to work properly. With this in mind you should notice some improvement within a 4-6 week period, however it may take up to three months for some people to see noticeable visible results.