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A.Vogel Prostasan

A.Vogel (Bioforce) Prostasan® Description

Product Type: Nutritional Health Supplement
Licensed for the relief of symptoms of an enlarged prostate

50% of men over 50 suffer from Prostate problems

Prostasan Nutritional Supplement Features:

Prostasan® is a traditional herbal medicinal product used to relieve urinary discomfort in men with an enlarged prostate (BPH). This is based on traditional use only. Used to help relieve symptoms including:

• The need to urinate frequently (especially at night)
• Weak or interrupted urinary flow
• A feeling that you cannot empty your bladder completely

Prostasan® Research

Research into the effectiveness of Prostasan® Saw Palmetto capsules has achieved excellent results. Conducted by Swiss GPs, the study involved367patients who had an enlarged prostate (also known as Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy or BPH). Patients took one Prostasan® capsule daily for eight weeks.

• 83% of patients experienced improvement in just four weeks
• Prostasan® worked even for patients with severe symptoms
• Symptoms improved in all cases by an average of 36%
• Rapid results with just one capsule a day

The key findings were:

  • Prostasan® Saw Palmetto capsules had a very good efficacy in the treatment of BPH. Symptoms improved by 42% for patients with mild symptoms and 38% for patients with medium symptoms. Severe symptoms were reduced by 30%.
  • All patients reported an improvement in quality of life.
  • 86% of all monitored patients indicated that they would continue taking Prostasan® due to its good tolerability and high effectiveness

How do Prostasan Saw Palmetto capsules work?

Prostasan Saw Palmetto capsules contain oils called Free Fatty Acids. These help to reduce the levels of dihydrotestosterone.

How long does Prostasan take to work?

Most people will see a gradual improvement after four weeks but it is recommended that you try it for at least three months for maximum results.

Can you take Prostasan long term?
There is no time limit; it can be taken for as long as needed.

Why is Prostasan in a gelatine capsule?
The oil is extracted from the Saw Palmetto berry by a unique process. Keeping the oil in liquid form ensures a more potent and effective remedy. However, because the oil is in liquid form, a vegetarian capsule would not be suitable. Most companies that supply their Saw Palmetto in a vegetarian capsule have dried the oil to a powder in order to do so.

Why have you made it a 320mg capsule?
Various studies around the world on Saw Palmetto have found that the optimum benefit results from a dose of 320mg. Take less and it is not as effective but if you take more it will not work any faster.

Are there any side effects?
There are no known side effects.

A.Vogel (Bioforce) Prostasan® Ingredients

1 capsule contains 320mg of extract (as soft extract) from Saw palmetto fruit (serenoa repens (Bartram) Small fructus (Sabal serrulata (Michaux) Nicholsfructus)(9-12 :1)

Extraction solvent: Ethanol 96% V/V The other ingredients used for the capsule shell are gelatin, glycerol, sorbitol, iron oxide (red, black and yellow) and purified water.

A.Vogel (Bioforce) Prostasan® Dosage

  • Prostasan® Saw Palmetto is a remedy for use in men over 18 years of age (including the elderly) who have been diagnosed by their doctors as having BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy) also known as an enlarged prostate.
  • Dosage of Prostasan® Saw Palmetto capsules is one capsule daily with food.
  • Do not chew the capsule. Refer to your doctor before stopping any prescribed medicine.

A.Vogel (Bioforce) Prostasan® Warnings

Like all Saw palmetto products, Prostasan® Saw Palmetto capsules may cause side effects, although not everybody gets them.

Minor side effects
The following minor side effects can occur when using this product.
These are likely to affect less than 1 in every 1,000 people.

  • Belching
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Allergic reactions such as skin rashes

Discontinue use if you find these are troubling you. 

If you are concerned about any side effect, if a side effect becomes serious or if you notice a side effect not listed in this leaflet, please tell your doctor, pharmacist or healthcare practitioner.

Remember to see your doctor if:

  • Your symptoms of urinary discomfort worsen
  • You have blood in your urine
  • You have a fever

A Vogel

A Vogel grow many of there herbs themselves, ensuring their purity and allowing them to process them fresh, with the greater potency that provides. Read more about A Vogel here.

A.Vogel Prostasan

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Worth trying
Friday, 27 September 2019  |  Richard

For any man suffering from prostate problems and who would like not to wake up several times a night for a trip to the bathroom, any relief is welcome. I've tried a few of these but this Vogel stuff really does seem to work. Found it had to take it for a few weeks before it had an effect. The wait was well worthwhile. Thanks

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Vogel Prostasan
Friday, 26 April 2019  |  Stuart

I have been really happy with this product, which has allowed me much more peaceful nights sleeps without having to get up for the bathroom several times. Great service on reciving the product too.

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2 of 2 people found this review helpful.