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A.Vogel Agnus Castus.

A.Vogel Agnus Castus.

A Vogel Agnus Castus online for Premenstrual syndrome. A health supplement tincture that has a balancing effect on the female sex hormones.

Code:  VOG31354
Brand:  A Vogel
FORM (e.g. capsules):  Tincture

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A Vogel

Health supplement Tincture for pre-menstrual syndrome

This product may help symptoms of:

• Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
• Menstrual disorders, painful periods, heavy bleeding
• Acne
• Fibroids
• Endometriosis
• Acne (men and women)

PMS occurs between 7 and 14 days before menstruation. Symptoms include:

• decreased energy
• tension
• irritability
• depression
• headache
• breast pain
• backache
• abdominal bloating
• fluid retention

Agnus castus exerts a balancing effect on the activity of the female sex hormones.This may also be of benefit in those suffering from fibroids and endometriosis,under the supervision of a Healthcare Professional.

Agnus castus may help in the menopause where the bleed is very heavy and too frequent.

Mode of Action:

• Acts at the level of the pituitary gland
• Increases the level of progesterone relative to oestrogen
• Inhibits prolactin

Agnus castus acts on the pituitary gland to increase the secretion of luteinising hormone (LH), which leads to greater production of progesterone during the second half of the menstrual cycle.


Agnus castus: what does it do?

Agnus castus is a shrub that grows in Mediterranean countries and central Asia. It is also known as chaste-berry, as eating the seeds was originally believed to reduce libido.

Agnus castus has been used for centuries to help female gynaecological issues and is a traditional herbal medicine to help relieve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), such as irritability, mood swings, headaches, bloating and breast tenderness.

Agnus castus berries are usually dried out, then made into either a powder (taken as capsules) or a tincture. It can also be used as an essential oil.

Benefits of Agnus castus

Agnus castus is thought to have an impact on hormone-producing areas of the brain, such as the pituitary gland, which then leads to a reduction in prolactin, a hormone that may be involved in PMS. Agnus castus is most often taken for PMS, but research shows it may also be helpful for other hormonal conditions including menopause and female fertility issues:

Agnus Castus and PMS

A study found that agnus castus could offer relief from mild to moderate PMS symptoms, including headaches, depression and bloating while another study reported in 2000 that the herb could reduce – and in some cases, entirely stop – PMS symptoms.

Agnus Castus and Menopausal symptoms

According to a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in 2009, there is enough ‘emerging pharmacological evidence’ to recommend agnus castus as a way to manage menopause symptoms, particularly the PMS-like symptoms that occur during the perimenopause.

An earlier 2003 study concluded that applying agnus castus essential oil to the skin could ease symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, sleep patterns and irregular periods.

Agnus castus and Fertility problems

Agnus castus could improve female fertility, particularly in women who have a shortened second-half of their menstrual cycle. Several studies have found that agnus castus can rebalance hormones and lengthen menstrual cycles, regulate periods and even lead to successful pregnancies.

Agnus castus Dosage

How much agnus castus is safe to take?

The European Medicines Agency suggests that 20mg a day of agnus castus is safe to take, to treat PMS. However, you should not take it for more than three months without advice from your GP or a healthcare professional, or if you’re pregnant or breast-feeding.

Side effects

Some known side-effects of agnus castus include allergic reactions, such as swelling and difficulty breathing, headaches, nausea and stomach aches, and irregular periods. If you experience any of these side effects, stop taking agnus castus and seek medical attention – particularly if you’re having an allergic reaction.

Because of the herb’s effect on the pituitary gland, those with a pituitary disorder should not take it without talking to their doctor first. If you’re taking any other hormone medications, such as the contraceptive pill or hormone-replacement therapy (HRT), do not take agnus castus without proper medical advice from your GP or a healthcare professional.

This hormonal shift favouring progesterone helps to reduce premenstrual symptoms and alleviates menstrual disorders such as heavy menstrual bleeding and painful periods, which are related to higher oestrogen dominance.

Correct progesterone levels ensure proper functioning of the thyroid. Agnus castus has also been reported to have the ability to inhibit the action of the hormone prolactin. This is relevant in PMS as it has been postulated that many who suffer with this syndrome have a greater sensitivity to prolactin.

It has been suggested by some researchers that the prolactin inhibitory action of Agnus castus may be of help in the treatment of Parkinson's Disease. This is a condition caused by a lack of dopamine secreted by the substantia nigra, which then gives rise to difficulties with co-ordination and control of skeletal muscles.

The metabolism of dopamine is intricately dependent on the amount of prolactin present.Reducing levels of prolactin reduces the rate of breakdown of dopamine in the brain, hence increasing the levels circulating in the tissue.

Agnus castus has been found to be beneficial in the treatment of acne in both men and women.

This information is not intended to replace the advice of a qualified Healthcare Professional.

Tincture of Agnus castus (Chaste Tree) dried fruit, extracted in alcohol (69%v/v). 
Adults: 15 to 20 drops twice a day, in a little water, throughout menstrual cycle. To be effective it must be taken daily, not just when symptoms appear.Adolescents:10 to 15 drops twice a day, in a little water.Take for at least two months for best results.
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What A. Vogel health supplements Offer

A Vogel develop and produce remedies made from plant extracts (phyto-products) and herbal medicinal products made using fresh plants and distribute these internationally. They offer clear, reliable information on health issues.  

A. Vogel health supplements - Quality/ Ecology

Natural, eco-friendly cultivation is at the heart of their business. They use fresh plants and take a particular interest in environmental issues. 

Customers respond to the quality of the products and appreciate being kept up-to-date with the latest information on health matters.

A. Vogel health supplements - Collaborators/ Ethics

They are totally committed to carrying on the work of Alfred Vogel and are delighted that they can do so. They agree with the objectives of their partners and encourage them to take responsibility. They are in favour of systematically maintaining and protecting health and encourage both personal and professional development. They act with honesty and integrity.

A Vogel Independence

Economic success guarantees their commercial independence, and our continuing development.

The uniqueness of A Vogel herbs

The herbs used to produce A.Vogel fresh herb tinctures and fresh herb tincture tablets are grown using a strict organic protocol, mainly in the fertile conditions of Roggwil, Switzerland. This allows the company to exert complete control over the cultivation of plants - from the time of planting through to harvesting. All the company's products are manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) protocols and control. Stringent quality control tests and checks are carried out throughout all the stages of growth and manufacture.

Seeds are collected each autumn to create the new stock of spring seedlings. These are planted out by hand in our organic fields where the Swiss climate is ideal for cultivating strong healthy plants.

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