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1880 Life

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Supplier of Salvestrol: the enzyme that works beyond normal antioxidants. Health supplement (not an antioxidant but an important adjunct)

Found in abundance in some natural fruits, salvestrol has now reduced to 10% of that present 100 years ago. Salvestrol compounds are dormant when in contact with healthy cells but become active when they interact with a damaged cell and set about a process that leads to the self-destruction of that particular cell.

There is a difference between antioxidants and salvestrols in that antioxidants protect our cells against DNA damage but are ineffective once the damage is done. Salvestrols, on the other hand, work beyond antioxidants by working only on damaged cells which leads to that particular damaged cell's destruction.

Difficult to obtain from our modern diet they are now available in Salvesterol Platinum as a dietary supplement. 

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Salvestrol Platinum Capsules

Salvestrol Platinum Capsules£42.00  -  £61.60

Works beyong antioxidants to kill damaged cells

Salvestrol Shield Capsules

Salvestrol Shield Capsules£13.50  -  £25.95

Powerful natural defence.
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