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The following cover the most frequently asked questions about Serrapeptase and its uses

What is Serrapeptase?

Serrapeptase is a pro-teolytic enzyme isolated from the micro-organism, Serratia E15. This enzyme is naturally present in the silk-worm intestine and is processed commercially today through fermentation. This immunologically active enzyme is completely bound to the alpha 2 macroglobulin in biological fluids. Histologic studies reveal powerful anti-inflammatory effects of this naturally occurring enzyme.

What does it do?

Serrapeptase digests (dissolves) non-living tissue, blood clots, cysts, and arterial plaque and inflammation in all forms.

What happens to the residue?

This is mainly converted to basic amino acids and is usefully recycled into the body. Any other residue is excreted in the usual manner.

Has it any side effects or can I take too many?

No side effects have been found in over 25 years of studies and usage. Many people take very high doses to speed-up the relief e.g. in cases of sports injuries which can be as high as 30 per day with no side effects whatsoever except a faster recovery. It is even safe for children of 2 years+ for a wide range of conditions: (asthma, lung problems, arthritis, etc).

Why can it benefit so many different conditions?

Although Serrapeptase simply digests dead and inflamed tissue these two problems are the cause of the majority of symptoms in the body. The wide range of conditions that respond to Serrapeptase include:

  • Varicose Veins and other circulatory problems

  • Pain problems such as, Arthritis, Joints, and Muscles Pains and even MS.

  • Lung Diseases such as Emphysema, Asthma, Bronchitis and Bronchitis.

  • Sinus and other ENT problems

  • Post Operative Healing, Lesions and Cysts (breast, ovarian etc)

  • Arterial Plaque, DVT (good for travellers) and Blood Clots

  • Migraines (vascular).

  • Enlarged Prostate

and many more (see studies).

Can I use it for any condition, even those not-listed?

It is worth a try for practically anything. If you have great discomfort it is worth taking a high dose for one week which should give great relief.

Can it be used on animals such as cat and dogs?

Yes it has proven to be very effective on all animals. Many veterinarians are now prescribing it as well as arthritic pet owners sharing their own bottle with their arthritic clog to great effect. can understand internal scars (lesions and adhesions) but what about external scarring, how can it help this? It will still work on surface scarring just as it will on diabetic ulcers and the similar problems. By continually digesting the scar tissue, healthy tissue will eventually replace the old scar. It may not complete eradicate all of the scarring but the worse the scarring the better the visual benefits.

Can it be taken with other medication and do I need to inform my Doctor?

Yes it can be taken with any medication and may mean that you will be able to stop taking them.

I have abdominal scar tissue 2 years after a lipoplasty procedure. I heard that Serrapeptase could help "dissolve" internal scar tissue. Is there any truth to this?

Yes it is a very effective and safe solution. It will take about 3 weeks to get rid of the discomfort and a further 3-6 weeks to ensure they are completely clear.

As it is 2 years post-op, I do not have pain.

Maybe a burning sensation if the scar tissue is massaged, but that's about it.

Do you still think Serrapeptase is effective as the scar tissue is this old? And if so, what doses should I be taking and how often?

Yes, the age of the scar is irrelevant. The dosage depends upon your finances. Perhaps 3 x 3 to start with and then reduce each week as the symptoms reduce. When symptoms are gone take the lowest dose 1x2 per day.

Will Serrapeptase help Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Serrapeptase will remove dead tissue and inflam­mation from the diges­tive tract, thereby reliev­ing the symptoms. There are, however a number of causes of IBS and for example some people benefit from hypnothera­py. Follow the plan in my book for best results.

I have Osteoarthritis. I am taking Vioxx, 25mg, daily for inflammation. Also taking 1500mg Glucosamine, 12QOmg Chondroitin, and 3gm MSM, will Serrapeptase help?

Serrapeptase is extremely effective in removing the inflammation, without the side effects asso­ciated with drugs. Once the inflammation has gone then the body's own recovery systems can then start to rebuild, with the help of Glucosamine. Chondroitin, MSM and collagen.

What is the Clinical usage of Serrapeptase in children, with dosage precautions and other relevant clinical infor­mation?

It can be safely used with children - 1-3 tablets per day. If they cannot swallow the tablets, they can chew the tablet as it does not have any taste, (also capsules that can be broken open and mixed with honey). In fact a sore throat can be cleared in about 30 minutes by chewing 1-2 tablets.

Wondering if Serrapeptase has ever been used for Peyronie's Disease (cur­vature of the penis)?

It could work as the growth that causes it should diminish with Serrapeptase.

Please can you tell me if I give Serrapeptase to my Dalmatian dog how many tablets can I give him. Also can it help for inflamed skin which occurs because of a small infection in the hair follicle which makes the skin swell into a lump which looks inflamed?

It is well worth trying; 1-3 a day should be sufficient.

Does Serrapeptase help with lung problems fun­gus?

No, just the inflammation that may result from the fungal infection. Try colloidal silver in a nebuliser mixed 50:50 with 3% hydrogen peroxide.

I am on Warfarin, is it safe to take Serrapeptase?

Yes it is perfectly safe and if you follow my cardi­ovascular plan you may not need the Warfarin. Healthy people do not need drugs.

Can I take Serrapeptase whilst I am pregnant?

Yes you can take it pre and post natal.

Why do doctors not pre­scribe Serrapeptase if it is so good?

They do, in the better medical systems such as Germany and other countries with superior results compared to the UK and the USA. They have pre­scribed it for the last 25 years.

Can it get rid of my vari­cose veins completely?

it can get rid of the discomfort and the swollen veins (ask my grateful wife). It cannot repair damaged valves.

How long has Serrapeptase been in use?

Around 25-30 years.

My son has Crohn's Disease, he is 10 years old. Can he take these tablets and how many?

He can take any amount as they are quite safe. Try 3 a day to begin. He also needs to follow the recovery plan to resolve it (see one in the book 'Pain relief, Inflammation Relief and Clear Arteries').

I will be having ACL surgery and would like to use this enzyme in my recovery. I am somewhat familiar with enzymes from the book 'Enzymes for Autism' which I am utilising, successfully for my son diagnosed with PDD-NOS.

Serrapeptase will certainly help in your post-op recovery.

I have gallstones and a stomach ulcer. Would Serrapeptase aid recovery?

Not for the stomach ulcer, and it may cause discom­fort. You need to use a special formula to heal the ulcer first before you deal with the gallstone.

My granddad is diabetic but would like to try this product for a number of things listed. Can he take this medication with being diabetic? and what ingredients are used to make Serrapeptase please?

Yes he can take it as a diabetic and with the drugs he is taking. The contents are just Serrapeptase enzymes. Reports for diabetes users tell of balanced blood sugars but we cannot tell if it is the Serrapeptase or the fact they are cutting back on starchy carbohydrates.

My husband has nasal polyps and is about to go into hospital for the third time to have them removed. Will this product help him?

It should do; it gets rid of other cysts. One cannot say how long it will take and so he can use them immediately he comes out to prevent the return of the polyps.

Research indicates that Serrapeptase is destroyed by stomach acid and therefore needs to be enterically coated. Do you have research that shows otherwise?

No there are no other studies showing that non-enteric coated works as well. Observations show that you would need to take twice the amount of non-coated compared to enteric coated to get the same effect. There is misinformation put out by others that it does not matter.

There are no studies showing it is as effective. All of the studies in the past 30 years used enteric coated.

I notice that you recommend high doses of high strength compared to others with small dosage products, are the high doses really needed?

Yes, a high dose ensures the best possible results and this makes it a very effective and safe solution. It will take up to 3 weeks to get rid of the discom­fort and then the dose can be reduced to a low level to make sure it is kept clear. It will be much more costly to purchase a low-dose product and take a high enough amount to get the symptoms clear.

I am primarily concerned with whatever cardio-vascular benefits might be experienced with the use of Serrapeptase. Is the evidence supporting Serrapeptase very preliminary, or is it fairly solid, that shows bene­fit for arterioscleroses?

You will not find any conclusive evidence of the effectiveness of Serrapeptase. The information around is simply the reports coming in from users and doctors who are witnessing the results. As it is obviously safe, no one feels the need to subject it to expensive trials.

Serrapeptase works in the same way that aspirin works i.e. it is an anti-inflammatory. Cardiovascular diseases are, in the main, caused by chronic inflammation and anything that reduces this inflammation will help clear the arteries. Even simply stopping eating starchy carbo­hydrates, overcooked or microwave and processed foods will start the process of recovery (assuming you replaced those with vegetables and fruits).

The advantage of Serrapeptase, as well as being a much more powerful anti-inflammatory, is that it is also a very strong protease. This dissolves the dead proteins that bind the plaque blocking the arteries.

The reports come in daily of the many different successes.

My husband has a condition called poly-cythemia (blood is too thick) and has to have a phlebotomy approx. every 3 months to keep his blood thin. He also has had a couple of mini strokes and is on a full aspirin a day and 11 mg. of Coumadin daily for these conditions. He takes another medication called hydroxyurea that is a chemo drug to keep his white platelet count down.

Is it safe for him to take this enzyme to keep any further blood clots from developing? I already take Serrapeptase for car­diovascular problems.

Yes it is safe (and essential) for him. While there may be a genetic reason for his condition, factors that will make it worse are invariably common to many diseases.

It is now proven that the cause of many diseases is chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation results in thick blood. Starchy carbs and proc­essed food are the main causes of inflammation. Change the diet as well.

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