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Higher Nature Keep Sharp (27)

Higher Nature Keep Sharp (27)£12.99

Nourish your brain with these tasty orange and lemon flavour jellies formulated to support your brain.

Good Health Naturally MacaPro (24 servings)

Good Health Naturally MacaPro (24 servings)£27.47

Promotes mental activity, enhances memory, relieves chronic fatigue

Good Health Naturally Glycoboost

Good Health Naturally Glycoboost£56.95

This potent and concentrated formula is brimming with a full range of polysaccharides, natural plant sugars that store energy within your cells and release it as you need it.

Good Health Naturally Lithium Balance

Good Health Naturally Lithium Balance£28.45

Lithium, paired with the organic substance orotate, creates a safe potential mood stabilizer and possible healthy alternative to anti-depressants

BioCare Ginkgo Plus 90

BioCare Ginkgo Plus 90£26.95   £25.99

Designed to aid memory, cadiovascular and cerebral function

Rio Amazon Rosa Mosqueta Exfoliator - 100ml

Rio Amazon Rosa Mosqueta Exfoliator - 100ml£8.95

This plant-based exfoliator uses bamboo powder to gently cleanse and polish, lifting away dead skin cells and impurities. 

A.Vogel Ginkgo Biloba

A.Vogel Ginkgo Biloba£9.15  -  £16.20

A. Vogel ginkgo biloba is a health supplement for poor circulation, cold hands/& feet, Raynaud's disease, chilblains & prevention of strokes.

BioCare 5-HTP.

BioCare 5-HTP.£19.95   £19.35

Biocare 5-HTP for normal brain function and nervous system activity.

BioCare Acetyl Carnitine & Alpha Lipoic Acid.

BioCare Acetyl Carnitine & Alpha Lipoic Acid.£26.95   £26.15

Biocare Alpha Lipoic Acid is an Antioxidant vital to energy production & is said to be cardio-protective. 

Patrick Holford Mood Food - 60 caps

Patrick Holford Mood Food - 60 caps

Patrick Holford Mood Food is used by the brain to manufacture dopamine & also support production of neurotransmitters 5-HTP is a precursor to the vital neurotransmitter serotonin

Our Price:  £25.15(Inc. 20% VAT)(£20.96 Exc. VAT)Earn 25 Loyalty Points

Brand:  Patrick Holford
Form (e.g. capsules):  Capsules

Patrick Holford

Patrick Holford Mood Food

with amino acids, TMG, 5-HTP and vitamins

Mood Food® Formula is a unique combination of nutrients which play synergistic roles in normal brain function and may help support nervous system activity.

Tyrosine and DL-phenylalanine support the body's production of important 'feel good' brain chemicals, while 5-HTP, a naturally occurring amino acid, and a range of vital B vitamins are also included to help support neurotransmitter production and balance.

Nutritional Supplement Recommended Intake:

Two capsules taken once or twice daily on an empty stomach, with a starchy meal or snack, or as professionally directed.



  • Do not take if pregnant, planning a pregnancy or breastfeeding. 
  • If you are under medical supervision, please consult a doctor before use. 
  • Caution is advised in cases of melanoma, mania or high blood pressure. 
  • Not to be used in conjunction with mood modifying drugs. Contains phenylalanine. 
  • Long term intake of amounts greater than 10mg of vitamin B6 daily may lead to mild tingling and numbness. 
  • Rarely digestive discomfort can occur which may be relieved by reducing the Nutritional Supplement Recommended Intake.

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans


Allergen information:
This product has been made on premises where sesame seeds are handled

Two capsules of Patrick Holford Mood Food typically contain:

DL-Phenylalanine 500mg
L-Tyrosine 500mg
Trimethyglycine (TMG) 250mg
Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) 100mg
5-HTP 100mg
Niacin (Vitamin B3) 40mg
Vitamin B6 20mg
Folic Acid 100µg
Vitamin B12 10µg

Dl-phenylalanine, L-tyrosine, Trimethylglycine, Capsule Shell (Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5 as Calcium Pantothenate), Griffonia Simplifica Seed Extract (Providing 5- HTP), Niacin (Vitamin B3 as Nicotinamide), Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride), Folic Acid and Vitamin B12 (as Cyanocobalamin).


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