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BioCare Permatrol (permeability complex)£23.15

Permatrol® provides supportive nutrients and probiotic bacteria to maintain the intestinal mucus membranes

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Vogel Centaurum is used to improve digestion by increasing digestive enzymes and gut motility to help food breakdown. Also reduces gastric reflux

BioCare Biocidin

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BioCare Biocidin health supplement is used to help maintain the correct balance of intestinal microflora.

Patrick Holford CarboSlow Capsules - 180

Patrick Holford CarboSlow Capsules - 180

Patrick Holford CarboSlow capsules contains Konjac fibre, which naturally provide Glucomannan

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Code:  B391180
Brand:  Patrick Holford
Form (e.g. capsules):  Capsules

Patrick Holford

Patrick Holford CarboSlow  Capsules

Patrick Holford CarboSlow contains Konjac fibre to support weight loss and a healthy cholesterol level.


Additional Information

  • Konjac fibre contains bulking and cleansing properties to support a healthy digestive tract

  • Konjac fibre maintains a healthy level of cholesterol

  • Konjac fibre supports a healthy level of satiety alongside a weight loss plan

  • Konjac fibre supports a healthy intestinal environment for the growth of friendly bacteria

  • Konjac fibre helps maintain a healthy blood sugar balance

  • CarboSlow is suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Ingredient Amount Providing % EC RDA
Konjac fibre 5.63g naturally providing 4.5g glucomannan (No RDA)

Konjac fibre (Amorphophallus Konjac Root) (naturally providing 90% glucomannan), Natural Orange Flavour

Three capsules taken three times daily with food, or as professionally directed. Always take with plenty of water.

  • If you are under medical supervision, please consult a doctor before use

  • Not suitable for use during planned pregnancy, pregnancy or breastfeeding

No Allergen


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