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185x greater bioavailability than standard curcumin

Epigenar Quercetin 400 (60)

Epigenar Quercetin 400 (60)£21.99

Epigenar Quercetin capsules contain 400mg Quercetin, derived from Dimorphandra mollis, in a vegetable capsule shell.

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Nutrigold Oxycell (concentrated Antioxidants) - 60 caps

Nutrigold Oxycell (concentrated Antioxidants) - 60 caps

Nutrigold Oxycell (concentrated Antioxidants) containing Vitamins C and E, Bioflavonoids, L-Cysteine, Glutathione, Selenium, Zinc, Curcuminoids, Green Tea Extract, Quercetin, Carotenes, Lycopene, Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Grapeseed Extract

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Code:  NGNC029
Brand:  Nutrigold
Form (e.g. capsules):  Capsules


Nutrigold Oxycell

(concentrated antioxidant)
Product Type: Nutritional Supplement


Nutrigold Oxycell is free from Lactose, nuts, wheat/gluten


Nutrigold Oxycell is suitable for Vegetarians


Oxycell has been specially formulated with a selection of high potency, biologically active nutrients that have a highly concentrated antioxidant content from a variety of sources. The blend of antioxidants in Oxycell often work synergistically to optimise their activity, such as the partnership between Vitamin C and the essential bioflavonoids and Vitamin E and selenium, which help maximise its potency. It also contains a supply of micronutrients to support the body.

Directions for use
Adults - take one to two capsules daily, or as directed by a practitioner.
This product is not recommended for children under five years of age
For children over 5 years old we recommend capsules are opened and added to food as follows:-
For children between 2 years and 5 years - one capsule may be opened and added to food every other day. For children from 7 years and upwards - one capsule every other day.

Product Cautions

This product is not suitable for vegans.
Do not exceed the recommended daily intake, unless advised by a qualified nutritional practitioner.
Doses of 7mg or more of Beta-carotene should not be taken by heavy smokers. (Each Oxycell capsule contains 2.63mg of Beta-carotene).

Please check with your GP if:

  • You are taking blood thinning drugs or any other long term medications.
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • You are allergic or think you may be allergic to any of the ingredients in Oxycell.
  • If you have any concerns about any interactions with prescribed drugs or other health concerns, always consult your GP before adding a food supplement to your regime.
  • Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.

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