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FMD Flax Oil Capsules (90)

FMD Flax Oil Capsules (90)£11.99

Flax oil in capsules to conveniently accompany you anywhere!

New Nordic Hair Volume - 30 Tablets

New Nordic Hair Volume - 30 Tablets£24.95

Hair Volume is the tablet you need to maintain a normal voluminous hair growth.

Skin.NY Hair Skin Nails

Skin.NY Hair Skin Nails£24.99

Hair Skin Nails is a revolutionary formula developed in conjunction with a cosmetic pharmacist and respected nutritionist.

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Lamberts Silica Complete

Lamberts Silica Complete£13.95   £11.86

Silica 200mg and MSM 300mg - This unique formula is probably the most comprehensive supplement for Hair, Skin and Nails available.

Good Health Naturally Joint and Skin Matrix

Good Health Naturally Joint and Skin Matrix£29.95

BioCell Collagen utilizes a patented Bio-Optimizedé process, which ensures increased bioavailability as well as rapid absorption into the body, increasing potency.

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion Ultra

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion Ultra£22.20

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion Ultra is a smooth, quickly absorbed emulsion of magnesium chloride and MSM (OptiMSMå) in a skin-nourishing base of certified organic oils.

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil 237ml

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil 237ml£23.34

The gold standard by practitioners for rapidly restoring cellular magnesium levels and is easily absorbed into the skin and underlying tissues.

Rio Amazon Rosa Mosqueta Cream Cleanser - 100ml

Rio Amazon Rosa Mosqueta Cream Cleanser - 100ml£8.95

Formulated with rosehip oil and specially selected plant extracts to help fight signs of ageing and keep skin looking healthy and balanced.

Rio Amazon Rosa Mosqueta Exfoliator - 100ml

Rio Amazon Rosa Mosqueta Exfoliator - 100ml£8.95

This plant-based exfoliator uses bamboo powder to gently cleanse and polish, lifting away dead skin cells and impurities. 

Nutrigold MSM - 60 tabs

Nutrigold MSM - 60 tabs

Nutrigold MSM - MSM is a vital and bioavailable dietary source of sulphur that is found in our living connective tissues - hair, skin, nails, cartilage

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Code:  NGNC002
Brand:  Nutrigold
Form (e.g. capsules):  Tablets


Nutrigold MSM

(Methyl Sulphonyl Methane)
Product Type: Nutritional Supplement


MSM is a vital and bioavailable dietary source of sulphur that is found in our living connective tissues - hair, skin, nails, cartilage


Directions for use

Take one or two tablets daily after food, or as directed by a practitioner.


Nutrigold MSM is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Product Cautions

  • Do not exceed the recommended daily intake unless indicated by a qualified professional nutritional practitioner.
  • Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. 
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Check with your GP if you are susceptible to allergic reactions. 
  • Very occasionally, with high doses, MSM may cause headache or upset stomach.
  • If you experience any of the following, seek medical attention immediately:
    • Rash
    • Itching or swelling, particularly of upper respiratory tract.
    • Breathing difficulties
    • Dizziness.
  • Do not exceed the daily recommended intake.

Allergens and GMO

Category of food allergen (Directive 2003/89/EC, Annex III bis, amending by Directive 2006/142/EC and Directive 2007/68/EC and US Food Allergen Labelling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004) Under this directive there are no allergens in this product.

MSM is a Natural Sulphur Source
Abundant unicellular marine algae participate in an on-going "sulphur cycle” of nature whereby the oceans constantly release a simple volatile organic form of sulphur, dimethylsulphide into the atmosphere. To produce it they use simple inorganic sulphate from the seawater. Interestingly, dimethylsulphide and other organic sulphides like it are present in garlic and are at least partly responsible for its odour.

This dimethylsulphide is oxidized in the atmosphere, first to an intermediate form DMSO and then to MSM, which is then returned to both land and sea in rain. Therefore, natural waters and the soil contain MSM. The MSM is taken up by plants including food crops and so directly contributes to our nutrition.

MSM: A Natural Ingredient of the Environment
MSM is therefore no chemical gimmick, but rather an entirely natural part of mankind’s inheritance. Humans, if they eat natural foods, generally ingest up to 70mg a day, of which about a third, say 23mg, is elemental sulphur. The hypothesis that lies behind MSM as a nutritional supplement is that this 70mg a day represents an important nutritional contribution and that today it is being lost in our diets through wrong food choices and the loss of MSM from foods through cooking and processing.

How does MSM Sulphur Relate to Amino Acid Sulphur?
In a person with a good supply of MSM from natural produce the intake of amino acid sulphur is almost three times as high as the intake of MSM sulphur. Clearly then, MSM does not normally rival the sulphur amino acids in respect of the amount of organic sulphur it provides. Nonetheless it seems that one has to look to something more than just the quantity of organic sulphur if one is to justify and explain the special nutritional role of the sulphur in MSM.

The Special Metabolic Availability of MSM Sulphur
Sulphur reaching the body as MSM may be uniquely valuable. The evidence for this depends upon experiments with radioactively labeled MSM, wherein the radioactive sulphur from the MSM found its way very readily to sites within metabolically active proteins such as muscle protein, structural protein fibres, hormones and enzymes. Since it seems clear that these sulphur atoms must come mostly in the first place from dietary sulphur from amino acids, one has to postulate that the role of the MSM is rather more subtle and depends not so much upon its quantity as upon its special properties.


It is possible that the MSM sulphur may be responsible for the maintenance of metabolically important sulphur molecules throughout the body, rather than their provision in the first place. Its role may keep the body’s biological sulphur compounds in their metabolically active condition. If that is the case, then one would expect that MSM, used as a supplement, might well serve to maintain the integrity of physical structures within the body – especially those that contain and depend upon protein fibres. Also, the ability to maintain the integrity of enzymes, co-enzymes and hormones would imply that cells throughout the body would be maintained in a far more active and vital condition.


Free from

Lactose, Nuts, Wheat and Gluten.