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Nutramedix Takuna Microbial Defence 30ml

Nutramedix Takuna Microbial Defence 30ml

NutraMedix Takuna Microbial Defense - 30ml - May support a healthy immune system

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Brand:  Nutramedix
Form (e.g. capsules):  Drops


NutraMedix Takuna Microbial Defense - 30ml

May support a healthy immune system
  • Potent liquid extract of Takuna (Cecropia strigosa) bark

  • May support a healthy immune system

Cecropia is a genus of about 25 species of trees in the nettle family (Urticaceae). They are native to most tropical rainforests in South America, where they form one of the most easily recognised components of the rainforest canopy.

Nutramedix Takuna is an extract from the bark of Cepropia strigosa - a species that has been used by some indigenous tribes in Peru to support the immune system.


Put 1-15 drops in a glass and add 120ml (4oz) of water and wait one minute before drinking. Start with 1 drop twice per day and slowly increase to 15 drops twice per day, or as recommended by your practitioner.


Takuna (Cecropia strigosa) bark extract, Mineral water, Gluten free Ethanol. Alcohol level: 22% vol.


Allergen information



Botanical information

Botanical name: Cecropia strigosa.
Common name: Takuna, Snakewood tree, Trumpet tree, Yagrumo hembra, Cecropias, Pumpwood.


NutraMedix Takuna is suitable for Vegetarians

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