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BioCare Permatrol (permeability complex)

BioCare Permatrol (permeability complex)£23.95

Permatrol® provides supportive nutrients and probiotic bacteria to maintain the intestinal mucus membranes

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Vogel Centaurum is used to improve digestion by increasing digestive enzymes and gut motility to help food breakdown. Also reduces gastric reflux

BioCare Biocidin

BioCare Biocidin£11.65

BioCare Biocidin health supplement is used to help maintain the correct balance of intestinal microflora.

BioCare Butyric Acid Complex 90

BioCare Butyric Acid Complex 90£34.95

A short chain fatty acid essential in maintaining the integrity of the gastrointestinal wall.

BioCare EnteroGuard - 150

BioCare EnteroGuard - 150£42.65

Provides intestinal nutrients to nourish the epithelial tissue lining the intestinal tract & help support intestinal membrane integrity. 

New Nordic Frutin Chews - 60 chews

New Nordic Frutin Chews - 60 chews

New Nordic Frutin chews are an health supplement for stomach acid problems after meals, during stress, before bedtime & during late pregnancy.

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Brand:  New Nordic
Form (e.g. capsules):  Drops
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New Nordic

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New Nordic Frutin™ Health Supplement

Natural Fruit Fibres to soothe indigestion

Frutin® - Indigestion.

New Nordic's chewable Frutin® tablets are recommended to people in order to cope with stomach acid problems after meals, under stress or before bedtime. Frutin may also be recommended during the last part of pregnancy, when stomach acid can be pushed up into the oesophagus.

Frutin is a truly unique tablet based on natural Dolomite calcium from the northern part of Norway mixed with a very special fruit fibre blend. The Dolomite, when chewed, neutralizes acid in your stomach and the fruit fibres form a soothing protective foam lid in the upper part of the stomach, also protecting the oesophagus lining. The content of peppermint oil helps promote a healthy digestion.

1. Neutralises stomach acid problems
2. Forms a natural fruit fibre foam barrier
3. Promotes normal healthy digestion

1- 2 tablets to be chewed after a meal or as necessary. Suitable throughout pregnancy and breast feeding.

Children under 12 years should only take this product after consultation with a GP. Keep out the reach of children. Food supplements should not replace a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Can be taken during pregnancy.

This product is free from salt, gluten, yeast, soy and and dairy products. It is formulated without use of preservatives, flavours or colouring agents of any kind. Not Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Not tested on animals

Manufactured in EU under pharmaceutical control of purity and content of ingredients.

Content per 1 tablet:
Dolomite Calcium 400mg
Citrus fruit fibres
Peppermint oil

CAUTION: If taking more than 1 tablet per day, we suggest you balance it with a similar amount of magnesium. We do not recommend taking more than 2 tablets per day. If symptoms persist, consult your medical practitioner or nutritional therapist.

Sorbitol, Natural dolomite, Fruit fibres, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate, Silicium dioxide, Peppermint oil. Negligible energy, protein, carbohydrates and fat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Frutin be used during pregnancy?
Frutin can be used throughout pregnancy because it contains only natural fruit fibres.

Can I take Frutin if I am taking prescribed medication?
Yes. Frutin is a natural and safe product and can be taken with prescribed medication, but if you have any concerns or questions always consult your GP or pharmacist.

New Nordic Frutin™



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