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Discounts at Vanderbell Health

New Customers

All new customers will receive a 20% discount on their first order if they order within a week of signing up.

Simply sign up for newsletters and await your discount voucher. Use when viewing your cart in the section under the products you have entered: (You can use this only once. If you are an existing customer and have not used the code, you may also use it) Go here for newsletter sign up.

All Customers (After first order)

Our discounts are not brand specific and depend upon the value of your order. 

THESE DISCOUNTS WILL APPEAR AUTOMATICALLY. You will always see a message on the product page if there is a discount for that brand. 

Value of products discount
£30 - £49.99 10%
£50 - £99.99 11%
£100 - £149.99 12%
£150 - £199.99 12.5%
£200 - £249.99 13%
£250 - £299.99 14%
£300 - £399.99 14.5%
£400 + 15%

Does not include these brands:

Absalom, Ancient Minerals, Epingear, Healthpol, Jarrow, Thorne Research, Lorisian, Mayfield, Nutrigold, Nutriscene,Skin.NY,Tribest

These discounts are in addition to any loyalty points you use.

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