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Solgar U-Cubes Children's Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Gummies

Solgar U-Cubes Children's Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Gummies£12.99  -  £21.99

A multivitamin supplement that is great for your children that they will actually enjoy taking!

Nutri Advanced UltraCare for Kids (Vanilla) 700g

Nutri Advanced UltraCare for Kids (Vanilla) 700g£32.95

UltraCare for Kidsť is a speciality powdered mix designed to support children whose diet is restricted due to food sensitivities or just plain fussiness.

Cleanmarine Krill Oil for Adults - Citrus Burst Liquid - 300ml

Cleanmarine Krill Oil for Adults - Citrus Burst Liquid - 300ml£19.99

Poweful Krill Oil Omega 3 for adults. Sustainable, no fishy taste

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BioCare Children's Mindlinx Multinutrient Powder

BioCare Children's Mindlinx Multinutrient Powder£25.70   £24.35

BioCare Mindlinx multi-nutrient health supplement powder is a unique combination of vitamins and minerals for children

Nutri Advanced Eskimo Little Cubs - orange 210ml

Nutri Advanced Eskimo Little Cubs - orange 210ml£21.50

Nutri Eskimo Kids Pure natural omega-3, omega-6 & omega-9 with vitamins D & E for children. The 105ml version is discontinued but the tutti-frutti version is still available

Cleanmarine Krill Oil for Kids Orange Burst (150ml)

Cleanmarine Krill Oil for Kids Orange Burst (150ml)£12.99   £11.99

The easiest way for Children to enjoy the powerful benefits of Krill Oil - a delicious natural Orange flavour, with no fishyness and zero aftertaste!

Lamberts A-Z Multi

Lamberts A-Z Multi£7.30

Lamberts A-Z Multi is an excellent multivitamin health supplement for those 13 years and upwards, especially those whose diets may be based on junk food.

Children's Supplements

Health supplements for children.

Including a full range of multivitamins and minerals form leading brands, probiotics especially designed for children, anti-septic formulations, omega oil including the popular Eskimo Kids products. All designed with ease of use in mind so that where possible chewable and liquid.

Children's Antioxidants

Free radical damage.

Children's Omega Oils

Especially for children

Children's Immune Health

Resistance to illness.


Low dose specific

Anxiety, Stress & Sleep

Helps sleep & Stress


Ideally, kids should get their vitamins from a balanced, healthy diet that includes:

  • Milk and dairy products like cheese and yogurt (preferably low-fat products for kids over age 3)
  • Plenty of fresh fruits and leafy, green vegetables
  • Protein like chicken, fish, meat, and eggs
  • Whole grains like steel-cut oats and brown rice

Which Kids Need Vitamin Supplements?

Well-rounded, home-cooked meals aren't always possible. That's why pediatricians may recommend a daily multivitamin or mineral supplement for:

  • Kids who aren't eating regular, well-balanced meals made from fresh, whole foods
  • Finicky eaters who simply aren't eating enough
  • Kids with chronic medical conditions such as asthma or digestive problems, especially if they're taking medications (be sure to talk with your child's doctor first before starting a supplement if your child is on medication)
  • Kids eating a lot of fast foods, convenience foods, and processed foods
  • Kids on a vegetarian or a vegan diet (they may need an iron supplement), a dairy-free diet (they may need a calcium supplement), or other restricted diet
  • Kids who drink a lot of carbonated sodas, which can leach vitamins and minerals from their bodies

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